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Drawing a day, Part 3

Continuing with the Drawing a day. I did Harley Quinn from Batman.
Once again I pulled it into Photoshop and did the outlines and add the shading.

Harley 1

Because the last picture I posted got a lot of good feed back on the Poison Ivy theme, I though I do a knock up cover for a Harley and Ivy Comic.
This is just a test, Not sure if I will take this any feather.
What do you think?

Harley and Ivy Test

Drawing a day, Part 2

Continuing with the drawings a day. I did another one, which I was really happy with the way it turned out.
So I brought it into Photoshop and did the outlines on it and also added some of the shading from the original drawing.
I am really happy with the way this one turned out and I am currently thinking about swapping it with one of the calendar months that I am still to paint, turn it into Poison Ivy or just leave it as a one of project.

Either way I will be painting it.

Red 1

Calendar Project, Painting Part 5.

Well this little project is taking far longer than expected.
But this is due to real world stuff getting in the way and also the fact that I get a little pissed off when I paint something and it not coming out the way I see it in my head.
This was one of the many reasons I started to do a drawing a day.

May’s girl was one of the easiest and hardest to do.
The dress and skin was done with no problems though I think the face could so with more work.
But the hair was the real pain in the arse and one of my weakest points.
I spent weeks trying to get it to look right and in the end I walked away from the picture just to have a break form it. But I came back and finally managed to produce something that I am happy with.

So here is May, enjoy.

05 May Girl Colours

Drawing a Day

To improve my hand drawing skill I have decided to do a quick drawing a day.
I came by a photo of Devera Grey. I really liked it so I did that as my first drawing a day.
While the drawing did not turn out to well. I wanted to do the picture justice. So I redid it in Photoshop. I also thought the picture would look much better turned 90 degrees.
This is the finished results.

Drawing a day 2 finished

Calendar Project, Painting Part 4.

As I have stated in my last post I have been very busy recently with real world crap. So I have been unable to do anything to post.

Anyway this morning my youngest got up at 04:30 this morning. She has gone into a deep sleep at 17:00 the day before, so there was no chance of her going back to bed. Given her age, someone has to stay up with her. My wife was knackered so I elected to get up. Got my child to play quietly so not to wake the rest of the house, this lead me to getting a chance to sit down a finished of April painting I had started a few months back.

With that I got it finished. I am happy this this one however hair is still giving me some issues.
I can do cartoon hair now but realistic looking hair is still a problem, but it is something I am working on.

Anyway here is the painting.

04 April Girl Colours

Five Years On WordPress

Today is the fifth anniversary of me moving my blog over to wordpress.
Throw most of that time I had kept my promise of posting once a weeks with the exception of when I was on holiday.
Unfortunately this year I have not been able to keep that promise due to real world stuff keeping me away form doing any of my hobbies. I don’t even have the time to site down and watch films.
Which has lead to a pile of film building up that I am still to watch.

It now Summer here and the kids have broken up for their Summer Holidays, which mean I should start to get some free time back and get back to some of my hobbies.

I had a lot of fun over the last five year and look forward to the next five years, showing off my art and review films.

X-Men: Days of Future Past, Film Review.


Brian Singer make a welcome return to the X-Men franchise with a film that units the original X-Men trilogy with X-Men: First Class and the Wolverine spin off films. This film that units these films so that they are all set in one universe. It also try to fix a number of continuity errors in the franchise.

X-Men: Days of Future Past starts in the near future in which both mutants and most of the human race have decimated by the deadly killing machines known as The Sentinels. In this apoplectic world Professor X (Sir Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Sir Ian McKellen) have put their difference a side and battling to save what left of mutants and humans. But they are losing the war, so have gathered the last remains of the X-Men for a last-ditch attempt to stop the Sentinel war from ever happing and change their present so it is no longer the nightmare they are living.

Based on the X-Men story of the same name, Brian Singer has had to make some changes so that it will fit with the film franchise and unit them. In the original story it is Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) mind that goes back in time into her own body to make the change. However this would not work here as the past setting is 1970’s, in which she would be -20 years old.
To solve this problem Singer has picked Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) to go back as he is ageless.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is by far the most ambitious film in the franchise to date. But not just with story but also sorting all the notorious continuity errors of the other films.
This make X-Men: Days of Future Past a soft reboot of the franchise. With this in mind Brian Singer has gone out and delivered the best movie to date. It also show that the X-Men franchise is best served when it is in Singer hands.

X-Men: Days of Future past is an entraining film from start to finished, all the Character get to grow a little weather it is in the future or the past. Once again James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are excellent as the young Charles Xavier & Erik Lehnsherr respectively. Re-joining them from X-Men: First Class is Nicholas Hoult as Beast and Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. Also along for the ride from the original trilogy are Halle Berry as Strom. Her role was cut down due to her pregnancy, Shawn Ashmore as Ice Man, Daniel Cudmore as Colossus. Of course there are a few more actor from the original trilogy that appear in the film but they are just cameo and I won’t spoil who they are if you have not seen the film.

With the exception of X-Men: First Class, every X-Men film has been pretty much the Wolverine show, this not surprising given that Wolverine has to be one of the most popular Mutants from the X-Men line of comics. It is refreshing to see that in this film he has taken on the role of the team player and is the bridge between the future and the past. It is also fun to see that he has become the mentor to the man that will later become his mentor.

X-Men: Days of Future Past, has some great action scene, but the one stand out moment is with Quicksliver (Evan Peters), when he helps break out Erik Lehnsherr from prison. The scene was filmed with a high speed camera then played at normal speed to given the sense of speed that this Character move at. Both the future and past have different look with the future being dark, while Singer has captured 70’s with bright colour to show the difference between the two. The Sentinels of the 70’s look right at home and have a retro yet futuristic look for the period look to them. While the ones of the future look similar to the Destroyer from Thor, but a pick more menacing.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is the best X-Men film to date and while it sort out most of the continuity errors, it does not manage to fix them all, and even creates one or two. But they are easy to overlook. In my mind Singer has been the best thing to happen to the X-Men franchise and it should not really leave his hands as a producer or director. (He did not serve as producer on X-Men: The Last Stand and is an uncredited producer on X-Men Origins: Wolverine.) Like Marvel Studios, Fox has started to add post credit scene to their Marvel films so keep and open for one that will lead into X-Men: Apocalypse.
I give this film 4.5 out of 5.

Logan: So, you always were an asshole.


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