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Can you Guess who this is?

I have not really had time to sit down and carry on with my calendar project.
But I did have a few mins spare last night to do some sketching.
This has been something that I have wanting to do for a while but I have been putting it off due to working on the calendar project. Not much done put hopefully enough for you to guess who it is.
It is someone who is famous and the picture I am using as inspiration was taken when this person was in their prime.

A cookie to the first person to guess who this is.

Kirk 01

On a side note, I will be off work from next week for two weeks due to an operation I will be having. So I will be going back to working on the calendar. With any luck I should be able to get a few of the months painted and finished.

Happy belated New Year

Happy New Year, I hope you all had a good holiday.

2014 was a busy year for me, I did not really get to much modelling with Blender, though I did manage to get a bit of 2d art done. I start work on a calendar which was not finished in time for this year, however I am hoping to have it done and ready for 2016.

I also stopped doing the film reviews which I hoping to get back to.

Real life stuff kept me away from doing the things I wanted to do, lets hope that is not the case for this year. Life is still a bit hectic at the moment but I am hoping that things will settle down in a few weeks.

Anyway I have updated the Gallery Page with all the finished art from last year, not much to show. I have not include the line art for the calendar, as I will add that in with each finished peace.

Calendar Project, Painting Part 2.

I have been very busy and the end does not seem in sight.
Dose not help with Christmas just over a week away.

Anyway I did have some little time and was able to get another of the outlines painted, here is February.
I had lot of fun painting this one, though getting to clouds at the bottom to look right was a right pain the arse.
But it all worked out in the end.

02 Feb Girl Colours

I have started paint for March, but with real life it might be a while until I manage to get that posted.
I am hoping to get all twelve pictures done before July so I can have the calendar done and ready for 2016.

Terminator: Genisys Official Trailer

Terminator fans should get a real kick out of this.
I know I did. ;)


Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, UK Extended Trailer

This is has been out for a few weeks now, but as always I been busy with Real World Stuff.
So I have not had a chance to post anything for a while.

There are a few different version of this trailer out, but this my fav.

Calendar Project, Painting Part 1.

So with all the outline work now done, it to painting each month.
Unlike the outlines I will be doing these in their monthly order. First up is January.
I wanted to go with a cartoony look for each of these pictures, but as I worked on it turned more into a painted look.
There are a few things I not really happy with, but I spent so much time on it if I kept correcting this issues this calendar project won’t be ready for 2016.
Saying that, over all I am really happy with the way this one turned out.
If I was doing this one on its own, its title would be “The Morning After the Night Before.” But as it is for the Calendar, I am going to call it “The Morning After the Year Before.”

01 Jan Gril Colours

All that is left to do now is add the calendar days. This is something that I will be doing once all the painting are finished.

Outline Work, Part 12

Here is the final outlines for the calendar project.
This one will be used for Christmas.

Dec Girl 03

I have also put all the outline together, like you find on the back page of a calendar.
Please note that October and November are the wrong way round.

Calander back page set up

Now it onto the colouring.


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