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A guide to my working process.

I was asked how I do my pictures.
Below is a simple guide on how I do it, but below that I will go into more details.
(click picture to get full size.)


Okay into the details. I use a Wacom intuos graphic tablet and Photoshop CS6.
Before I start any peace, I look for a picture that inspires me.


Once I had found a picture I will use this for reference.

I then move onto doing a rough sketch, I used to do this on paper then scan it into the computer, but these day I am tending to do it on the computer.

With the rough sketch done, I then clean up the lines and also change a few things to make it look better.

I then separate all the different elements of the drawing, skin, hair, cloths etc onto different layers. At this point I also add base colours to each of the elements.

From this point I work on one element by creating a colour plate and then starting paint it and building up the details.

Once I have finished one element I move onto the next and repeat step 5 over again. I do this for each element. So, from the picture above you can see that I started with the skin, then moved onto the lingerie, hair and glasses and finally the shirt.

For things that have heavy details like lace on lingerie I don’t paint this by hand. I did it once and took me over two weeks to get it done due to the leave of detail in it. To solve this problem. I look for lace patterns online and then work then into the picture.

For the shirt, the martial is partly see-though to get this to work I created a temp layer under the shit and gave it a bright colour. With this done I was able to paint the shirt and the areas that you could see though was now visible. Once completed I deleted the temp layer.

Once the main picture is completed I then add a background and my signature to the peace and call it done.

I hope that is helpful on my work process.

Frist pin-up of the year.

Happy New year to all.

I had started this peace towards the end of last year but I had to stop as I got my first paid commission job. Being paid it might my own projects had to move to the back burner while I worked on that. So while I wait for the client to get back to me on any revision they wanted done. I was able to get back to this.


Gaijin Cyborg Samurai

My eldest daughter loves to write stories and is a budding author.
So to get her creative juice flowing, I gave her a challenge to write a short story that had to have elements that where Cyborg, Revenge, Mouse, Yakuza and Gaijin. I had to explain to her that Gaijin is a Japanese word that means outside person/ foreigner and that Yakuza is the Japanese Mafia.

With this she went off and started to write the story. What she came up with was Gaijin Cyborg Samurai. A Mouse that is in the wrong place at the wrong time and loses a few body parts by the Yakuza. These body parts are replaced with implants making him a cyborg. The mouse wants revenge so trains to become a Samurai.
He then set out for revenge on the Yakuza and helping other people that are unable to help themselves.

From the description in the story I came up with what the main Character would look like.


Ghost in the Shell, Trailer (live action)

For those of you that have not seen the original 1995 Anime film, I recommend that you do.
It is one of my all time favourite films and a film that has influence many films and TV shows since it realise.
The biggest film that you can seen the influence on is The Matrix. The Wachowski even showed scenes from Ghost in the Shell to Joel Silver when they pitched it.

Given that the original film is such a cult favourite, the live action film has some really big shoe to fill.
But what I have seen, look like it will disappoint. While the live action films is not a direct remake of the anime.
It will be using element from the original manga comic that was realised in Japan in the late 80’s and early 90.

Borg Queen Redux

After finishing the Borg Queen for Halloween, I thought the picture was lacking.
So I went back and added a background. I think the picture look much better.


Happy Halloween, Borg Queen

Well it’s that time of year again.
I wanted to do a picture for Halloween and I nearly did not get it finished in time.
Here is the Brog Queen, while not a monster in the traditional sense, the idea behind the Brog is quite horrific.



Death in American Beauty

My Wife loves the scene in American Beauty when Kevin Spacey Character is laying on the floor in a puddle of his own blood.
She always wanted a picture of it in Black and White with just the blood and the reflection of the blood in colour.
I took a screen grab of the said scene and did what she wanted and gave it to her for her birthday, which she loved.

I have also found the scene fascinating and thought I have a go a painting this.
Everything was painted in colour then I removed the colour from the section that where into be Black and White.

Here is the final painting.