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Hello Boys 2019 update version

Back in 2013 I came across a photo of Miss Pixie, which reminded me of the Wonderbra ad that ran in the UK called Hello Boys in the mid 90’s.
At the time I draw a picture of her. I was recently going in though my old picture I came across it again, as my style has changed and improved I decided to have another go at it.
So here is the updated version and underneath is the original drawing with the new version for compression.


Building all the Enterprises, Part 7

It has been a few weeks since I last posted an update on the Enterprise Refit build.
Things has settled down at work and with the kids summer holidays coming to an end, I finally had sometime to sit down and get on with this build.

So with that said onto what I have done:
Frist up, I have modelled out the ship name and reg and placed it onto the ship. Modelling out the name was easy enough, put placing it onto the ship was a pain in the arse. There was a lot of trail and error to get it right, but I got there in the end.

Next up was modelling out the impulse engines, this went along with out any problems until I had to the panels on the top. I tired all sorts of tricks to get this right but it never did. So I had decided to go with cut out, I might go back towards the end build correct it.

I have also add Navigation lights to the saucers. I also saw looking at the references that where the impulse engine sticks out of the saucer on the side. The cut out that go round the rim stop just before the impulse engine so I have also corrected that.

I have not textured her liked I planned. I have changed my mind and decided to get back to finishing off the ship and come back later to do the texturing.

Holly From Red Dwarf

So I was working on a peace I added a black background to see if had missed any part of the skin.
While looking at it, it was screaming at me Holly from Red Dwarf played by the lovely Hattie Hayridge.
So I quickly knocked up some hair and their we go.
Please note that Holly hair is actually blonde, but for some reason I though she was a brunet. I should have checked, as this is only a quick peace I have decided to leave the hair as is.

Jessica Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit, is one of my all time Favourite films.
It a shame that it unlikely that we will ever get a film that crosses Disney and Warner Brother animations characters in one films again.
I drawn Roger a few times as a kid but never Jessica, so here she is.

I had a lot of fun doing this one, but I don’t think the sequins on her dress came out right.
I looked at a few Tutorial at how to do it, but nothing on seeing each of the individual sequins, so I had to figure that one out on my own.

There are two version of this picture. One with Lens Flairs and one without.

Not sure which one I like more, anyway with that I am off to play Patty-Cake with Jessica. 😉


Here is a drawing I did of the Hulk.

Building all the Enterprises, Part 6

It’s been two weeks since I posted an update on this build.
I not had much time to work on this project, due to work, home life and going to Silverstone last weekend for the British F1 GP.
But I did manage to get three of the six tasking left to do on the source section.

So I managed to finish off the lower source grid lines before going to Silverstone. Since coming back I got the windows cut in and do the Airlock on the rim of the source.
I was thinking of putting the airlock on both sides for logical reasons, unlike on the filming model which is only on one side.
Look at the filming model it look like it was added on for Star Trek III The Search for Spock, when the ship is in spacedock. However I have kept with the just the one, but it will not take much to add it to both sides.

With that here are the recent render showing off the work done.

Work on this will be a little slow for the next few weeks, as the Kids are now on Summer Hols.
I am also working on another 2D project, which currently needs to take priority as I need to have it done before the 7th of August. (This is for my Step-Brothers Birthday.)

Things let to do on the saucer.
1. Finished of the grid lines and cuts out to the lower saucer.
2. Cut in the windows.
3. Model and add the Airlock to the rim of the saucer.
4. Model the Impulse Engines.
5. Model ship name.
6. Texture.

Sarah-DeVera, Pin-up

Well it been about three months since I did a pin up picture.
I have done this one on the lovely Sarah-DeVera, who sadly is no longer on Deviantart where I found the original picture I used for reference.