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Star Trek: The Next Generation, Type 7 shuttle. Part 4

Small update on this build. With heading back into the office, I am not getting a chance to work on this as much as I wanted.
Anyway, I have decided to do a cross between what was shown on screen and Andrew Probert concept.
I am not a fan of those big chunky navigation lights on the side or back, but with Probert concept they are imbedded into the main hull.
So What I have done is mix the two. With the ones on the side I have them sticking out but I have streamlined the design so it follows better and not as chunky. With the rear ones I have them imbedded into the main hull and gave them a little lip so it stick out just a little but not noticeable.

The panels on the main part of the shuttle are a separate object and I am 50/50 on liking them, but they do bring it inline with the studio model. I have also left the window length the same as Probert concept as I think it looks better than the studio model.
As I made the impluse engine hatch thingy a door, that will be reworked back to being the impluse engines. As I have now corrected the front to incorporate Probert concept design for the main door.

I have included the second hatch on top of the shuttle as they are both on Probert concept and studio model and was seen open in Season 1 Skin of Evil Episode. Though I don’t think Probert originally envisioned that as a Escape hatch.

I still need to add the RCS and details the bottom, as there is no clear view of it I might just do my own thing.
I have also added some temporary materials to get a feeling of where that will go.

Star Trek: Films, Enterprise Picture Collection

Just a couple of picture I knocked up of the Enterprise.

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Type 7 shuttle. Part 3

So before the Covid lockdown started I had started work on this but did not get very far.
When the lockdown took affect here in the UK, I had left the USB stick I had it saved on in the office at work. (should have really backed this thing up instead of having it on a USB stick.)
As I was unable to get into the office, I was unable to continue the work until now.
This week I was asked to head in and help out which mean I got hold of the USB stick.

While I have not done anymore work on her yet, I did not post any pictures of where she was just before the lockdown.
So here are some picture of the Type 7 shuttle.

I am going to get back to this after I have made some pic’s with the Big E, this does mean that the Oberth Class will be put on hold until I have finished this.

Building all the Enterprises, Part 18

Okay, before moving onto start making pictures with these girls.
I wanted to try and recreate the lighting on the ship as seen in the movies. I have installed the lighting for saucer, Neck and the nacelles.

While it looks okay, I am not 100% happy with it in the dark. Though it does not look to bad with some environment lighting.
I am also getting a bit of firefly with the render and I got the render sample set to 2000. Any high and I am looking at stupid time to do a render. (It took over an hour for these.)

So I am currently in two minds on dropping them.
I also with the green on the original Enterprise and Blue on the A, I think they are a little to dark in colour so I am going to lighten them up.

Building all the Enterprises, Part 17

I think I am close to end on building the Refit Enterprise for the Motion Picture.
I have added textures to the ship and modelled, a few extra detail.
Over all I am pretty happy with it. The Greenish panel on the are meant to be lighter but I am happy with there look.
Reading up on the actual model, they where only an off Green colour for the Motion picture before the model was repainted for Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan, and they where turned into an off blue colour.

So to tell the difference between the Original and the USS Yorktown, which would be renamed Enterprise at the end of Star Trek IV The Voyager Home. The Original has the green panels and the Enterprise A will have the off blue.
As there is no real difference between the two ships, I have also knocked up a new set of Reg for the Enterprise A.

The only things left to do are add the lighting for the external ship. I have tired modelling shapes and have them emit while being hidden from the camera. This did not work to well and it was not producing the right lighting effect.
The other way, is to use spot light lamps. The problem with this in Cycle is that you have to put the strength of the light to stupid numbers. This mean the point it start get washed out in white light, also area where I don’t want the light to be up is effected.
An Example of this is one of the spot light to lighten up the top of the saucer. I can get the look just right, but because it so strong it also showing up on the nacelle’s.

The other thing I am not to happy with, is the defector. I am not sure how I get the effect of it light up.
At the moment it got a mix material. (the material for the hull with an emission for the blue glow.) with a spot light to give the white glow in the centre.

So if anyone know how to do these two in Blender I would be grateful

and then call this model done.

Building all the Enterprises, Part 16

All modelling is now done. I have added box rooms behind the windows with lighting.
I also modelled all the decals. I should have really done this in the textures, as the only thing that would be changed would the ship name and Reg, for a different ship in the class if I ever do that. But I was on a roll.

Anyway here is where is she is now.
Next is to start texturing her and I can call her done.

*Edit* while uploading the pictures I notices I have missed the greebles on the side of the airlock on the B/C deck and the hanger bay door. Speaking of doors, I have also missed details those up so I be doing that as well.

Building all the Enterprises, Part 15

After having a little break after finishing the Runabout build, I am now back to work on the refit Connie.
Not much to show, I have resided the Reg on the nacelles and cut in the Panels, airlock and windows on the secondary hull.
I have also model the “tail” from the neck running down the secondary hull back.

All that is left to do now is add the light cut out that shine on the pylons.
Add the phaser nibbles, detail the side of the hanger bay entrance and add the reg marking on the secondary hull.
Once I have done all that I’ll check to see if I have missed anything and get on that.
I will then install all the lights so the ship can be seen in space and box model some location behind the windows. I’ll just put a light and nothing else, though I might do something different for the arboretum.

Then I can move on to correcting the material colours and get onto the textures.
Also do another set of Reg Marking so I can swap it out for the Ent-A.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Runabout Picture Collection

Since the lockdown started I have been able to start and finished the Runabout from Deep Space Nine.
Normally I would spend a few days knocking a pictures together and post them here after they have been finished.
However with Lockdown still in place I have been able to knock all these pictures together today.

Include is the normal two pictures I post on completing a build. The Orthros and the ship flying though the Insignia.
With the Runabout flying though the insignia I had a choice of going with the TNG badge or going with the TNG Movie/ Second half of DS9/ Voyager era badge. I chose to go with the second, however I place the TNG era badge in the Orthros picture as the Runabout was designed and put into service during this time.

Now it time to get back to the Refit Enterprise.

Star Trek: DS9 Runabout WIP Part 10.

Someone over on said that the runabout dose not need to be textures, as I have put in enough details.
As I was only planning to weather the ship, I am going to leave it for now as I can always come back to it.

Anyway, I have given the runabout a registration number and name. As the Runabout are all named after Earth rivers, I have kept this up, with giving it the name Severn. This named after the River Severn here in the UK which is also the longest in the UK.
I would have called it a day there. But the Runabout can have also a module pod attached. So I have modelled this as well.

Right time to make some pictures with this and then get back to Refit Enterprise.

Star Trek Shuttle Craft Size

As I am going to a close on the Runabout build.
I though I would do a picture of the different size of Star Trek Shuttles. Going from smaller to largest.

For size refences, the person in the picture is 6ft.