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Container Part 4

Here is the final Container. This one has been built to hold liquids and gas. I have also added textuers to it, though I need to get some dirt maps for the canisters.
I also put the BP logo on as a little joke.

I also did a render of all the containers together.

With the container now finished it time to start building the Dropship that will take them up to the Mothership.
At this moment I am not sure if it should carry only 1 container at a time or two. These are the larger containers. If the ship takes one of the large one, it means that it can take two of the first container I built.


The A-Team Film Review.

Well it finally here the movie of the greatest TV show from the 80’s. I always preferred the A-Team over Knight Rider, Street Hawk and Air Wolf. It was just is a class of it own and was pure enjoyment, full of action and comedy and noone ever got killed!

So it no surprise that it was turned into a film, given the other classic TV shows hitting the big screen. Charles Angles, Starsky & Hutch, and The Dukes of Hazzard.
I was a little worried when I heard that they was making the A-Team into a film, as I really did not enjoy the other movies except for The Dukes of Hazzard. That worry did not go away when I heard who was cast in the film; the only casting I agreed with was Bradley Cooper as Face.

So going to see this I had low hopes even though the film trailers I had seen did look promising. The film starts 8 years in the past. With the exception of Hannibal and Face or are on a mission to Mexico, none of the gang know each other. Somewhere else in Mexico B.A is being chase by police, it turns out that he has been dishonourable discharged from the US Army and stilling cars to get back his beloved GMC van. Yes the fifth Character from the TV.
By luck or destiny Hannibal runs into B.A and tries to take the van, after find out about the B.A being a former Ranger, Hannibal get B.A to help him in offer of getting him reinstated into the US Army. The two head off and rescue Face.

Hannibal, B.A and Face end up at a US mental Hospital in Mexico. (not sure what that’s doing there but hay.) Here they meet Murdock.
It not long before the bad guys that was holding Face find them and they take the hospital helicopter. At this point B.A is not afraid to fly, but we soon learn why he is.

The film then jumps to now the A-Team are a specialist group that has completed 80 mission over the last 8 years. They are now in Iraq and part of the last of the American military to pull out. It is here that we learn of the crime that they are imprisoned for.

They are impression in different prisons around the US and Europe. Hannibal is the first to break, then going to get the others out. They set out to clear their names.
This is a large portion of the film which I will not spoil.

They manage to clear there name’s but due to the fact that they broke out of prison they are loaded back into a fan to be sent back. But a plan has already been formulated to get out. As the film ends you hear the Iconic TV Theme with the classic words voice by John Ashley as the Narrator, setting it up a for a sequel.

Is the film any good? In short Yes. It shows you how the characters meet, the crime they are blamed to have committed, their escape clearing their names and going back on the run again.

The film is full of action and comedy and it not over the top. The writers have kept faithful to the TV series. I am still not sure of Jackson being cast as B.A but he works well with the other cast. Though he always going to be compared to Mr T, and those are some big shoes to fill. Liam Neeson make a great Hannibal, as I said before Bradley Cooper is perfectly cast as Face, which leaves Shalto Copley of District 9 fame. Personally I would have gone with Jim Carry just for his craziness But after seeing the film Shalto has done a excellent job that . Dwight Schultz, would be proud off.

All in all I give this movie a 4.5 of out 5.

Toy Story 3 & Day and Night Review.


As soon as my kids heard that their was going to be a new Toy Story movie, all I got form my kids was “Daddy can see Toy Story 3… Daddy can see Toy Story 3… Daddy can see Toy Story 3…” Which went on for months! There was no doubt that I would take them, and the Day finally arrived and the film was realised on a Monday. I booked the Friday of work, as it was their first day of School for the summer holidays, and set about looking for a cinema that would not have too many kids in it. (I can’t stand other kids making noise while watching a film, luckily for my kids sit quietly and are transfixed by what happening on screen. So they are no problem.)

I found the best place to go was the Millennium Dome in London as it in the middle of no where in London. (The Dome is also now called the O2.) As hoped there was no child under the age of 16 there.

The Kids wanted to see the film in 3d as they have not seen one yet. So that what we went for.

You use to have to buy the 3d glasses, but that has now changed as the cinema provides them as you enter your screen, which is great.
Even though the glasses are one size, they are very child friendly and fitted my daughter head with no problems and did not fall off. (She just turned 4 and this was a Birthday Treat.)

Pre-film you got the usual TV add’s before the film previews. 20mins of this is a bit much when you are showing a children film. They would become very restless waiting for it to start.

Once the film previews where over the first feather started. As with all Pixar films there is a short shown before the main feature. This was Day and Night.

Day and Night, is a story about two people drawn in 2d. You just see their out line and facial features but within them is 3d animation. One of them has the Day Time and the other as Night. The two fight at first due to their difference, but they both come to respect each other.

The animation for this must have been very hard, given what was done. But the end product is excellent and I have to say this is my favourite short from Pixar. It was done excellently and is very funny. This is a must see on the Pixar shorts.

Once Day and Night finished Toy Story 3 Started.
The intro to Toy Story 3 wipes the floor off the intro into Toy Story 2. Toy Story 2 starts off with the little adventure of Buzz, which turned out to be a computer game Rex was playing. Well with Toy Story 3, it now woody and the rest of the gang. But don’t fear Buzz is included as well, and it a little node of the head to the game Andy was playing before he got Buzz in the first film. Which means One Eye Pete (Mr Potato Head) is working with his wife, there kids (The Squeeze Toy Aliens save by Mr Potato Head in Toy Story 2) and the Evil Dr Pork (Hamm). Slinky Dog is there as the Attack Dog with Force Field and Rex as the Attack Dino that eats Attack Dog with Force Field.
It all turns out to be Andy imagination, and a funny start to the film.

The film then moves on to years later, showing Andy growing up, until he is ready to head of to collage. Most of the Toys are now gone and only the gang are left. Woody, Jess, Bullseye, Buzz, Slinky Dog, Rex, Hamm, Squeeze Toy Aliens, Mr and Mrs Potato Head and only Three plastic Toy Solders. The Toys have been kept in Andy’s old toy chest.
They attempt one last go at having Andy play with them but it fails miserably.
The Army guy’s realise that it time to leave, because if they don’t they will be the first to be thrown out.
This is quite a sad moment, as it makes you feel that the end is coming. Will the toys that are left get though out or but into storage? I don’t know about you. But it made me think that if my Toy where a live, how did they feel when I stopped playing with them?

Anyway Andy Mum finds Andy looking at the old toys and she tell him to either donate them or put them intro storage. Naturally Andy picks up Woody and saves him by taking him to collage with him. Buzz however get left behind, which shook’s everyone. There is a slight misunderstanding and Andy mum goes to bin a bag with the toy with them. Woody goes to rescue them, as he has seen the whole thing. The Toy don’t believe Woody about the misunderstanding and get into the box to be donated.

The toys end up at nursery and they think they are in paradise. Woody dose not want to stay and tires to get back to Andy, however he ends up going home with a little girl.
As for the other toy’s there paradise turn into a nightmare and learn the truth about the nursery. Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear, runs it as a prison and only a few toy get to have paradise.

At the home of the little girl Woody learns the truth about nursery and head back the next day to get his friends out. I not going to say what happens next but it a lot of fun and reminds more of a lot of prison break film.

The Toy’s make it back to Andy’s but they have lots Barbie along the way. What happens next will spoil the end of the film, but it a great ending for the story of these toys.

As I said at the start of the review I saw this in 3d, and I have to say that it looks great but, you really don’t need to see it in 3d. This because there are no real stand out, moments where thing’s come at you out of the screen, unlike AVATAR. But the depth of field is used very well though out the film.

The film is very emotional and does pull at the old hart string, but there are some really great and funny moments in the film like Mr Potato Head sticking his parts into wrap during the escape.

I would give this film a five out five, and if you don’t believe me ask my son, as the first thing he said after seeing the film is “Daddy can we now go and buy Toy Story 3 on Blue-Ray?”
Lovely I now have 16 weeks of that LOL!

Container Part 3

Finished all the modeling of the second container, I am happy with the way this one came out.
It simple but larger than the first continer. As you have seen form the first post, the roof can also open up.

I did play around with textuers, nothing to major just reusing the ones from the first container.

I also came up with a quick way to do a thrid container, it’s basicly the second one tunred up side down expet for the side doors (so here you can see the underside details of the second container). this mean it can be access from under the container when it is locked into a cargo ship

Here are all three container next to each other. The first is the doors closed the second is with them all open except for the middle container as I have not modelled that.

The next pictuers shows the scale difference between a noraml standard container. The length is a bit of but it gives you an idea of the size of these containers.

And fianlly here is the cantainers along with the dropship. again to give you an idea of the size of these containers.

Dropship Part 2

Did some more work on the dropship this week, this is where I am on my list of things to do


  • Rebuild the landing gear feet.
  • Rebuild rear door ramp. (Currently does not fold in properly.)
  • Add details to rear and side of the ship.
  • Texture ship. (I hate that part!!)

That’s right I am now ready to start to textuer.

And I have started to work on the Textuers.

Container Part 2

Added textuers to the first container I built. I am happy to sat that it is now finished.

I also did a little animation of the contianer without textuer and with.


While working on the Dropship. I had an idea for another dropship. It would not be used for peopele but containers. So it more of a Cargo Dropship, than your standard Dropship.

But before you can start to build the Dropship, you need to build the containers for it.

So here is what I have so far. A simple Container simular to the ones we use today. of course the size of this is much bigger as you can see by the Max Man standing next to it. this took me just over a hour to model. It is now ready to be textured.

The second container has more of a SCI-FI look, this one is about 90% complated. I just need to add details to the front and back as well as under the container itself. I have also added a animation of the doors openning.