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Container Dropship Part 3

There was some issue with the engins that would be used for take off and landing, namely in the area that the cargo containers would go, as it was poking out here slightly. I did not want to make the ship any wider than it currently is.

To resovle this I built a cover that would not stop the container go in. it also used for the claps which hold the containers in place.

And here is a little animation of the Claps in action. I did this as a test to see how it works.


Freak Art New Logo

I have been using the same logo for years

So after seeing the later seeing the laterst Tut on Blender Guru on doing the Starcarft 2 Logo.
I though it was time that I redid my logo for Freak Art.

I used most of the Tut but I changed it a little to suit me.
Anyway here’s what I have coem up with.

For some reason the lighting on this one reminds me of Iron Man.
Here is the second one.

Artical Published

As some of you guys will know I am a member of and go by the user name of Freak.
Not long ago, I got invited to join the new Writering team, that would be doing artcials for the site front page.

So the first thing I did was interview my friend Nate Temple, who is working on a large Project all by himself.
Submitted the Artical and went away, I got a pleasent surprise when I came back to find the Artical Published.
The is the first Atrical that I have had published so please check it out.

Container Dropship Part 2

Started to shape out the container dropship or Cargo dropship. which ever you perfer.

As I am reusing the cockpit from the other dropship. I though this one could be a bit more boxy to carry on the desgin flow.

As you can see there where some errors on the side that need to be fix, but I did cut on the holes for the thurster and did added them.
I also added a airlock to the top of the ship, so it could dock with a station or anothers ship.

First pic shows the shaping out yes I know there are error on the front, but that has now been corrected.

I also want this ship to have V/STOL. In order to do this I add the enginees from the same ship the cockpit come from. As you can see this did not really work.

This meant that I had to redo the shaping all over again, this time I fixed the error at the front. I had also fixed the issue of the V/STOL engine.

Now the desgin was a bit boxy, I also added a door to the side of the ship so the crew could get in and out.

Still need to shap it out and bit more detail.

Making a City

Well maybe not a city but a city block.
I have seen add on for Blender that will create a city for you at
But from the looks of it very simple.

So while on Blender Guru, I can across a Tutorial on how to build a high rised building.
Here are the results from the first attempt, It is my own desgin.

Here is a clay render.

With matrials added.


Close up on the Ground floor

Full Render of Building.

Still need to do work on the inside of the building, but I am not going to add to many details to that.
My wife did does not like the layout for inside of the building and I have to admit that it crap. so I have set her a challange to desgin an interior of a building and then I will model it, so that I will be the next building I do after this one is finished.

I plan on build a few other these and putting it togther to create a city block.

Blender Open Film Project Durian

This is the trailor for Blender 3rd film project codename Project Durian.

Most of the work is now done on the film and the team that are left are just finishing off a few things a cleaning up the film. So with any luck the film should be realised around September time.

The last two film project really showed off what Blender can do. No doubt this will be the same.

If you have not seen the frist two movies then here they are.

First up is Elephants Dream, this is a sureal film but it does show what blender could do. this film was done back in 2006.

Next is Big Buck Bunny This is the second film relaised 2008.
This reminds me alot of the classic Warner Brothers & MGM cartoons that are no longer made. It captuers the sprit of those old cartoons.

Weather Test

I came across a very good site for Blender Tutorials, called Blender Guru.
Over the past week I have been doing Create a High Rise Building part 1 Tutorial. (I’ll show what I have done on that soon.)
With a week on modelling I was getting a little borad and wanted to do another Tut, I saw the Tut’s on weather and though the rain would be a good one to do.

Anyway my final render does not come out the same as the one in the tut, but I am happy with it and also made a test animation of rain falling which the Tut did not cover, but it does give you the basic for it. For the animation you have to set the render type and baisc stuff when doing an animation.

So here is the Animation.

And here are two still’s from the animarion.