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Container Dropship Part 2

Started to shape out the container dropship or Cargo dropship. which ever you perfer.

As I am reusing the cockpit from the other dropship. I though this one could be a bit more boxy to carry on the desgin flow.

As you can see there where some errors on the side that need to be fix, but I did cut on the holes for the thurster and did added them.
I also added a airlock to the top of the ship, so it could dock with a station or anothers ship.

First pic shows the shaping out yes I know there are error on the front, but that has now been corrected.

I also want this ship to have V/STOL. In order to do this I add the enginees from the same ship the cockpit come from. As you can see this did not really work.

This meant that I had to redo the shaping all over again, this time I fixed the error at the front. I had also fixed the issue of the V/STOL engine.

Now the desgin was a bit boxy, I also added a door to the side of the ship so the crew could get in and out.

Still need to shap it out and bit more detail.


2 responses

  1. Nice work so far. I like the first hull better but I can see where it was giving you fits, so it makes sense that you restarted it.

    17/08/2010 at 07:56

    • Yeah those errors where a pain.
      Now it a bit to boxy, but that should change once I have started to add details.

      17/08/2010 at 09:01

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