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Akria Class Part 6. Warp Nascells Finished.

I have two options for the ramscoops. The one on the left is form the Concept art by Alex.
The one on the right is the same as the film model.

I am liking the concept version more myslef. What do you guys thing?

Here are some more pic’s of the Nascell, with the wapons pod.

Now to start work on the Cat’s!

Akira Class Part 5, Warp Nascells.

More work on the nascells.

I have to say this model is making me pull my hair more than any other I have done. Reason being, on my own desgins if something not working on the build side, I can just change it and do something else.

But with building an established Trek ship, you can’t do that. Which mean if you are trying to model an object and it not working, you have to stop and try a different way. Which can be a real pain in the arse, but also a great way to learn how to do things a different way.

So with all the building and rebuilding I am slowly getting there.

Nascell Angle.


Outter side

Inner side

And attached to what been modelled of the ship so far.

Akira Class Part 4.

Here is the work on the weapons pod pylon, it not much, but out of all the refances pictuers that I have found, there not much. So that what I have done.

As you can see from those two pic’s I have done temporary pylons for the nascells. This is just a place holder untill I start work on the Catamaran.
As you can guess I decided not to go with the Catamaran, I went with the Nascells.

I have to rebuild them twice. here is the first attempt.

There was lots of error with it and it was not really going the way I wanted it. I was also having a lot of issues with that front cut out so I started again.

Here is the second attempt as it currently stands.

I am still having some issues with the front cut out. But it should be easy to sort out.
Anyway here is a close up on the cut out and in the top left cornor of the pic, is the detail on the inner section of the Nascell.

Akira Class Part 3.

I remodelled most of the weapons pod. also reseted some of the panels.
I had to complately redo the rear trop laruncher. I am still not 100% happy with them but they now look better.
The main problem with them is that I can’t see how you can have a loader for each of the six larunchers. unless there is one for each side?

I have now moved onto the pod’s pylons after that I think I will start on the Catamaran

Ship Scales

This show the size of the Dropsihp and the cargo Dropship.
I will do a pic of all the ship I have built together soon.

Container Dropship Part 6.

Last odds and ends have been modelled. This is the quickest ship I have modelled to date, if you count form the point I started over on this.
I happy with the way it came out. So without a do here are pic of her finished (without Textuers for the moment.)

And here it is with the Cargo Container.

Explosions tests

Another finished tut from Blender Guru.
This one was about doing glass smashing like you see on some TV adds.
Here is my attempt at it.

So after I had finished that, I wonder would this tut work with blowing up a ship.
I picked my Odin Class Fighter to do the test. But I did not want to do the whole ship in one go, so I picked a small part of the ship. (The missile pod.) I did a test just on this section on it own.

I think this turned out not to bad. Other elements would have to be included like smoke and flames. (something I still need to learn how to do.)
With the first test being a success. I thought I try it with another part of the ship. This time its the wings. (with the missile pods.)

I don’t think it worked as well this time and it still need more work. But I think I am going along the right lines.