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Container Dropship Part 5.

lots of little thing have been done over the last few day.
starting off with the ships main engines. still need to do a few things in this area like detail it up a bit more.
But this pic gives you an idea of the engine set up.

next up was to cut a door into the main hull for the crew to get in and out. I built stars and worked out how it all opens. (a short ainmation of that coming soon.) Again still need to add details to this area.
I also put in “arms” that will pick the container of the ground and hold them in place while on the ship. To say modelling them again, I just took them from the other version.

Next thing to do was a “Braces” to the ship that would give a stonger conection to the landing gear/ VTOL Engine pod and the main ship. after that, it was to build the VTOL. simple design on this one, but I am not sure about the grid that covers the top. I am thinking that I should leave it open.
I have also built hatches that will cover the VTOL engines when not in use and for re-entery into a planet atmosphire. I think I should add more details here but not sure what. I might look at an ISD to get insperation.

Top of VTOL engine

Bottom of VTOL engine

also started to do some panel work though this pic does not really show it off.


2 responses

  1. Nice work. I especially like the start of the paneling and the engines, both the main engines and the VTOL engines.

    10/09/2010 at 03:09

  2. Thanks Chris.
    Almost done on the panelling. add a few more details and I can call this done.

    13/09/2010 at 12:45

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