Freaking out about Sci-fi & Moives

Explosions tests

Another finished tut from Blender Guru.
This one was about doing glass smashing like you see on some TV adds.
Here is my attempt at it.

So after I had finished that, I wonder would this tut work with blowing up a ship.
I picked my Odin Class Fighter to do the test. But I did not want to do the whole ship in one go, so I picked a small part of the ship. (The missile pod.) I did a test just on this section on it own.

I think this turned out not to bad. Other elements would have to be included like smoke and flames. (something I still need to learn how to do.)
With the first test being a success. I thought I try it with another part of the ship. This time its the wings. (with the missile pods.)

I don’t think it worked as well this time and it still need more work. But I think I am going along the right lines.


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