Freaking out about Sci-fi & Moives

Akira Class Part 4.

Here is the work on the weapons pod pylon, it not much, but out of all the refances pictuers that I have found, there not much. So that what I have done.

As you can see from those two pic’s I have done temporary pylons for the nascells. This is just a place holder untill I start work on the Catamaran.
As you can guess I decided not to go with the Catamaran, I went with the Nascells.

I have to rebuild them twice. here is the first attempt.

There was lots of error with it and it was not really going the way I wanted it. I was also having a lot of issues with that front cut out so I started again.

Here is the second attempt as it currently stands.

I am still having some issues with the front cut out. But it should be easy to sort out.
Anyway here is a close up on the cut out and in the top left cornor of the pic, is the detail on the inner section of the Nascell.


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