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Akira Class Part 5, Warp Nascells.

More work on the nascells.

I have to say this model is making me pull my hair more than any other I have done. Reason being, on my own desgins if something not working on the build side, I can just change it and do something else.

But with building an established Trek ship, you can’t do that. Which mean if you are trying to model an object and it not working, you have to stop and try a different way. Which can be a real pain in the arse, but also a great way to learn how to do things a different way.

So with all the building and rebuilding I am slowly getting there.

Nascell Angle.


Outter side

Inner side

And attached to what been modelled of the ship so far.


3 responses

  1. Welcome to the world of Trek modeling, bro. (that’s the way it is for all of us ;))

    However, you’re doing some really nice work on this so far. I certainly haven’t had the guts to try this ship yet.

    29/09/2010 at 04:30

    • Thanks.

      So far has not been that bad, though I not looking forward to the cat’s and the area under the saucer.

      I can’t but doing the cat’s off any longer, so that what I will be doing next.

      29/09/2010 at 08:27

  2. Yeah, you kind of have to do those next so that the rest of the ship will work together. I don’t envy you, they look tough, but I’m sure you’ll figure out how to get them done. 🙂

    29/09/2010 at 17:59

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