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Akira Class, Part 11 Saucer Details

With the bridge and the “hump” now done. (still need to put in the little circle thing behind the bridge on the “hump”.) I have now moved on to adding details to the saucer. First thing I did was cut the grove into the side of the saucer. I then moved to the hanger and modelled them. I still need to check if a runabout can fit though the two main doors. But I need the length and width for that. So if anyone knows could you please let me know.

I think a type 11 shuttle can fit though the middle doors, again I need to check, But I DL a copy of the Type 11 from Star Trek Blender, so I will be checking that.

I have also modelled the “Launch tubes” at the front. It’s not the same as the studio model, it more of my own thing. I have also added sensor to the bottom of it.

Anyway on to the pictures.

I have started to model an air lock to the side of the saucer. I have not seen anyone on the blue print or studio model, so I am doing my own thing there.

Things left to do on the saucer.

1. Cut the windows.
2. Add ship name and reg.
3. Model the phaser strip
4. Add life boats.
5. Add more details.

For those that are interested here is a clay render of the ship.

RED Film Review

Has DC Comics decided to leave behind turning it main titles into films with the exception of Superman, Batman and The Green Lantern (due out summer 2011)?
Well you have to ask DC that, but given there past record, maybe they should.
With the exception of Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Superman and Superman 2, every live action film they have done has been bad. Though some, are far worse than others.

So it looks like DC has turned to it in house publishing for comics to be turn into films. The first was The Losers and now we have RED. (Retried, Extremely, Dangers)

What is RED about? Well Red is the story of retired former CIA agents and one former MI:6 Agent. (Helen Mirren) tying to find out who is trying to kill Frank (Wills) & Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker).

The film Starts off with Frank living a pretty boring life after leaving the CIA. They only bright spot to his day, is the phone calls to Work and Pension office and getting to speak to Sarah who deals with Frank’s account.
Frank life is shown to be very dull. But I guess after living the life he has lead with the CIA, civilian life would be.

The into set up the film nicely as Frank lives in any ordinary estate in the US, there nothing special about it. Frank still has a routine, that anyone that has severed in the Armed Forces for most of there life, will tell you is hard to sake.

It not long before a hit squad arrives at Frank’s house to take him in his sleep. But there is one problem with their plan, Frank awake. After taking out the hit squad heads of to save Sarah as she is the only person that really talks to Frank, and has got to know him.

After Frank has saved Sarah the film really kicks off, with Frank and Sarah going all over the country turning to find out who is trying to kill them.
Frank gets help from some old friends and one former enemy played by Brian Cox.

Is the film any good? In short yes. It a fun little film that has action, humour and for the girls even a bit of romance. It also has a great cast Bruce Will, Mary –Louise Parker, Helen Mirren, Brian Cox, Morgan Freeman, Karl Urban, John Malkovich and Richard Dreyfuss I was also pleasantly surprise to see Ernest Borgnine as the The Records Keeper.

I would rate this movie 8 out of 10.

Marvin Boggs: “I never thought I say this… I am going to get the Pig!”

Akira Class, Part 10. Bridge details and “Hump”.

Added details to the bridge. Going by the ref that I got there not much detail to it, just a few windows and the rest is plan.
From my deck hight, the bridge moduel is made up of three decks. The set of windows are on the second deck (that if the bridge is on the first.) The front set of windows is slight raised from the rest. This implise that the deck is slight higher there or there a stairwell to get up to the bridge. I am leaning more to the second.

After putting the windows in and the two cuts at the front, that seemed to be it, so I have added a set of sensors to the top of the birdge. I gone with a style simular to the one madkoifish has done for his U.S.S. LOEGAIRE

Here is a pic of it.

Anyway on to the pic’s.

And a close up on those sensors.

I have also started work on the “Hump” between the Cat’s, there is alot more detail here than on the birdge.
I have also modelled the lifeboats tops, not sure if I will model the whole thing. but I will need to added detail to it. At it just the basic shape with a tempory colour matrial applied.

Putting the lifeboat at the top of “Hump” was a real pain the ares, as the whole thing has a curve to it. so I had to come up with a way to get it to curve with it. I lost count on the amount of times that I attmepted it, but in the end I got it.

And here it is with the rest of the ship.

Akira Class, Part 9. Bridge

Since the last update, I have scaled the ship up to the size I normally work in. So I am now building it at 1:1 scale. I am also giving the deck hight at 3.4 meters, whcih will give it at total of 22 deck not inculding the weapons pod.

I have added the “Hump” between the cat’s and the bridge.
I will now start to add detail to the bridge and start moving out form there. Though I might do the outter saucer and work my way in. Not sure at this point.

Anyway here where is standing at the moment.

The Box at the bottom of the image is for the deck scale. The Black and white lines are 2 metes in length each.

I have given the ship Name of USS Campbeltown after the British Navy ship.
Two reasons for this:-
The orignal HMS Campbeltown played a small but vital role during the Second World War, in the The St Nazaire Raid. here is the wiki page for it.

The Second reason is that Campbeltown is my Mums home town.

The ship quote is taken form the current HMS Campbeltown.

Making a City, Part 2.

I have started a second building, this time it a row of shop, just shaped it out and I still need to add a roof & the interior.

and here it is next to the block of flats that I have already built, still need to add textuers and maybe some lights.

I also had a idea of adding some flags outside one of the building. so I did some tests.
Here is the first test.

And here a second test.

Yeah I know about the Shadows on the sky, that was due to the way I had set up the lights.

Akira Class Part 8, Saucer & “Secondary hull” Shaping

Not much of an update, I have just been working on just shaping out the saucer and “secondary hull”
I was having some issue with the saucer as the shape is a litte odd, until I relaised that this was due to the way the Cat’s sat on top of the hull. once I realsied this it was very easy to shape out.

I did start to work on the impluse engines, but I not sure what to go with. The concept version or the film model. The concept has a strip while the film model has “slots” there about ten “slots” in total.
I might model both and go with the one that looks best.

I have also modelled the “secondary hull” (though it part of the saucer.) I though I was going to have problems but it manage to get the basic shape in a few hours.

Here are some pic of what the ship looks like at the moment.

Night of the Living Trekkies

I found this on you tube.
Horror Fans and Trekkies should get a kick out of this.


Shame it for a book.