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Akira Class Part 8, Saucer & “Secondary hull” Shaping

Not much of an update, I have just been working on just shaping out the saucer and “secondary hull”
I was having some issue with the saucer as the shape is a litte odd, until I relaised that this was due to the way the Cat’s sat on top of the hull. once I realsied this it was very easy to shape out.

I did start to work on the impluse engines, but I not sure what to go with. The concept version or the film model. The concept has a strip while the film model has “slots” there about ten “slots” in total.
I might model both and go with the one that looks best.

I have also modelled the “secondary hull” (though it part of the saucer.) I though I was going to have problems but it manage to get the basic shape in a few hours.

Here are some pic of what the ship looks like at the moment.


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