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Akira Class Part 15-A, “Secondary Hull” Wire

I have been asked by one of the guys on to post some wires of the secondary hull.
So here they are. I have also included a clay render.

Akira Class, Part 15. “Secondary Hull Windows.”

Not much of an update. This week I have just worked on the windows on the “secondary Hull”. It been slow due to having to do the clean up but I am happy to say that it is now done. I have also done the tractor beam emitters as well.
Still need to cut in the Warp Core escape hatch as well.

A very Basic Fuild Tests.

As the title states this is a very basic fuild test in Blender.
Once again the tutorial for this is from Blender Guru. I have an idea for a pictuers, which will be using fuilds.
I have included a pictuer of the basic set up of what the pictuer will be, still needs a lot of work. But it slowly getting there.

Akira Class, Part 14. Deflector, lower saucer and “Secondary Hull”

With work now done on top of the saucer except for the panels. I have now moved down to under the saucer and the secondary hull.

I was not happy with the front of the secondary hull so I have remodelled this and I tihnk it looks a lot better. with this done, I started on the deflector dish. From the refance pic’s I have you can’t really get a good look at it as the light bleeds into the image.
So after looking at some of the work done by Madkoifish. I did my own version with some infulance from MKF.

I add a blue light behind the deflector to add a little mroe to it.

and here is how it looks on the ship.

I have also modelled windows into the saucer, though at the angle on the next set of pic’s you can’t really see it, though in the last pic, you get a idea where it is.
I have also put in another torp laurcher. This is smaller than the others, I have put this into the “Secondary Hull” I done this as the ship has a blind spot with all it laurcher.

Now I have two options for lower forward torp laurchers. Should I go with two or four?

2011 Movie Trailers

Here is are some movies that might be worth keeping an eye out for next year.

Cowboys & Aliens

Green Lantern

The Green Hornet

Sucker Punch

Cars 2

The still a lot more to come. Look like 2011 going to be a good year.

Akira Class, Part 13. Top of suacer windows and RCS.

Cutting out windows does take time but I am happy to say that I have finished the set that are set in the top of the suacer.
I have done this slightly different to the ones of the stuido model. this is so it matches my floor plan layout.

I have also modelled the RCS for the saucer. on the stuido model, it just blocks sticking out of the saucer. However I have done and added some details.

I am now moving down to bottom of the saucer. I am not 100% happy with the way the “secondary hull” has been modelled.
So I am going to redo it.

Making a City, Part 3.

I have taken a break for the Akira to do some more work on my city.
Finished off the second building. Add air con to the roof and shop signs. (it was going to be another appartment building, but went with shops.)
I also made a British Post box. It not great, but I not going to get that close to it, so it not that bad.