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Akria Class, Part 11. Airlock, Phaser Strip and start of Type 11 Shuttle

Looking at the studio model and the blue prints of the Akira. I have not found any airlock. This means I am free to put them in where I think they will fit. So I have made the first set on the saucer. These are located in the middle of the saucer on the same deck as the hanger.
I think it still need a bit more work. but it almost there.
I would have perferd to put them in the middile of the grove I have cut out. However as the layout I have created for the decking, this would not allow it as the airlock would then be between two decks.
I will add another set of airlocks to the Cat’s and the “Secondary” Hull.

I have finished the main phaser strip on the top of the saucer. The film model is plain and I have not seen it properly from the Alex Concepts that are available and I did not realy like the plain version.
So here is mine.

I have also started work on the Enterprise-E Type 11 Shuttle craft. (I can see this ship also having them as well.)
I have finished the nascells just need to work on the warp grill a bit and textuer it and that done. I have also started to shape out the main shuttle. That still needs a bit more work, before I start on the details.


4 responses

  1. Yeah, a lot of those Borg battle ships are kind of lacking in some of the basic details, like airlocks and phasers to save render times (I don’t even want to think of what kinds of computers were used to render First Contact.) However, that just leaves you more room to be creative. 🙂

    Nice work. I like the work on the ship and the start of the shuttle.

    02/11/2010 at 03:21

  2. Thanks Chris

    well the ships in Frist Contact with the exception of the Ent, and the brog ships where moving so fast you really don’t have a chance to see those little details, so it understandable not to do it.

    The Defiant, is another stroy, but you got to look behind the scences of DS9 for those issues.

    But the Akria was used a few times more after FC. so they should have add the missing details.

    02/11/2010 at 06:22

    • They tend to forget or just leave out certain details when making ships in a hurry. The Constellation-class, with all of its details, has nothing that I could identify as an airlock on it, so I had to put some on there where I saw fit. I don’t know why, but they seem to leave those out more than any other detail.

      I certainly agree, they should have added more details when they converted the mesh for TV but I guess they didn’t feel like taking the time to do so. Though, on DS9, the Akira-class was still used a lot in battle scenes, so we’re still talking about render times using late-90s computers and lots of ships in a single shot. Still, they could have done more with it.

      02/11/2010 at 16:17

  3. The Akira was used in backgorunds or mid background, so most of the detail seen in First Contact, where not as visable.

    However Seen alot better in two Voyager episodes.

    02/11/2010 at 18:25

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