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Akira Class, Part 12. More Escape pods and start of the windows.

I gone back to the escape pods and add more details to it and place the upper saucer one’s in.
I still need to add the details to the one’s I have aleady put in. but that easy to do.

I have also added the ship reg. I have modellled this instead of using texts. The reg also pays homage to the orignal HMS Cambeltown. I also modelled the housing for the reg lights. But I have not yet put the light in.

I have also started cutting out the windows on the saucer. On the studio Model, and the concept drawing had this area as another torpedo launcher. I never liked the idea of having them there. There no needed for them there, as torpedo can change direction after it has been fired, it seems to be pointless having them.
As this is a fighter carrier it would also have support ships around it. Most likely a few Defiant classes, and some curissers.
So I just changed it to a window.

I also started the cut out for the upper section with the windows on the cat’s, but it not sitting right with me.
from what I have seen the cut should be deeper into the hull, but if I cut any deeper it will not look right with the rest of the ship, so I am not sure if I should keep it as it is, try something else.


One response

  1. Nice work, dude. I like the extra details on the escape pods, the more details the better. 😀

    Also, I like that you made those torpedo launchers windows. You’re right, it makes no sense to have side-launching torpedo launchers when Trek torpedoes don’t fly in straight lines (except in Trek video games, which always make me mad.)

    06/11/2010 at 03:37

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