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Akira Class, Part 17. Catamarans

I have cleaned up the error that where with the catamarans. This has meant that I have complately rebulit them.
Cut on the impluse engine area on the back, that was a real pain to do as it needed a lot of clean up.

I have also started to add details to them. I know there are issuses with the top cutout area, I need to go back and sort that out.

Started adding the windows, they are little higher than I would like, but if I had put them lower, they would have been between decks. I have also added another airlock as well.

Tron Legacy Film Review

Greeting Programs, It’s been 28 years since Tron was realized, this little film was the first to use CGI. It was a flop at the cinema, but grow into a cult classic, in Video sales and later DVD. Fast forward 26 years, and Disney decided to make the long awaited sequel to this classic. But they are unsure, if the fan base is still there. So they commission a test to be made. This is done for two reason. 1st to see what the film will look like and 2nd, see if the fans are still there.
The Test was shown at the 2008 Comic-con.

Needless to say everyone went nuts over it. The Title of the film was simply Tr2n, the trailer was not realised on the net however some people had recorded it on there phones, so really bad copies started to appear on youtube. Even though these copy where bad they where getting high hits.

This was the sign Disney was looking for. Fast forward a year and it announce at Comic Con that the sequel to Tron has been green lit and gone onto production. The test Trailer is shown again but this time the title has been Changed form Tr2n to Tron Legacy. Once again the test Trailer is well received. The Disney Marketing department goes into full swing. The film really starts to get hyped up.

Fast forward to December 2010, and the film is realised. In it opening weekend it does really well in the States, but not as close as AVATAR, but better than most films realised at this time of year.

So what it Tron Legacy about?
Well it been 20 years since Kevin Flynn, the CEO of ENCOM has gone missing. (The main Character form the first film.) He has left his son, Sam behind who was also the last to see him. Sam his the biggest shareholder of ENCOM with 51% of the share, so the company basically belongs to him, though he wants nothing to do with the Company expect to mess with them once a year, by realising their latest OS onto the net for free.

Allen Bradley who was Kevin best friend is a member of the board but has little power.
He get a Page from Kevin old Arcade (Flynn’s place in Tron.) He goes and see Sam and informs him of the page. Telling him that the number has been disconnected for 20 years. Sam’s not really that interested as he doubts his dad is still alive, but heads down to the old Arcade, he comes across Flynn highest selling game of all time Tron.
Hidden behind the game is a passage leading down to a secret computer lab. The place is covered in dust as no one has been there in years.
Sam find Flynn’s old terminal, as he bring up the last command that was entered into it, he activates the laser taking him to the Grid. From that point the film is a rollercoaster of a ride.

Tron Legacy is a visual stunning film; the Disk Battles in the Games has been taken to a whole new level from the original film. While the lightcycle battle are just stunning, going on multiple levels and even upside down.
The classic vehicles have been updated, form the lightcyle to the solasail, new vehicles have been added form the Lightbuggy to lightjets and they all look stunning.

The film was not filmed in black and white and hand coloured like the original but filmed in a blue tint and it really suits the film well. All the classic element form Tron are back, really bring the grid back to life. Jeff Brides is excellent as Kevin Flynn and the evil younger looking Bridges, Clu. Garrett Hedlund is okay as Sam, and he does the roll justices.
There are some flows to the film but they are easy over looked.

But the final battle is not what you expect to see. The ending is not all happy ever after that one would expect from Disney to do. But it makes the ending all the better.
Tron Legacy pass homage to the original film with a few nice little nodes to it.
Is Tron Legacy a worthy sequel? In one word YES.
Do you have see the original film before seeing this? No this film can stand on it own, but I highly recommend that you do see this. It was a head of it time in 1982 and coined a few things we use today like USERS.

I doubt this is the last we have seen of Tron and given the success the film had so far, there’s no doubt we well see another sequel as the door was left open.

So it you’re a Tron fan I highly recommend you see this and if you’re not but like a good sci-fi film then I recommends that you still go and see this.

Until the next time I’ll you on the Grid!

Tron Legacy Teaser Poster issues fixed

There are some issues with the poster so here it is with them fixed.
These where surggestion made by IRML on SFM

Changes made, added more light to disk so it does not blend into the background.
Made the disk glow more so it more visiable.

Second poster, I have also made trail glow as well.
I have change the font type as before it was a bit plain.

Tron Legacy Teaser Poster.

Here is my take on a Tron Leagacy Teaser Poster.

Everything is modelled in Blender 2.5.
some post work done in Photoshop.

Tron Legacy.

Well Scifieric, has won himself nice little

That’s right the sneak peak is the new Tron Disk from Tron Legacy.
That is almost finished I just need to add the textures and glow to it. Once done I’ll set up the pic’s I got it mind to do.

In the mean time I done work on the back ground, floor and text for the pic.
This is not final pic, it just a tests with the text to make sure I got it right.
Here is the first attempt.

Here is the disk added to make sure the floor materials where set correctly.

Next was working on the glow on the text.

This did not work the way I hoped, also the depth of feild was is not there. So I played around and manged to also to get the floor to glow. this is where the text is at the moment.

The depth of feild is partly there but not quite. I think I will have to work on the lighting to get this fixed.
With the exception of that and textuer work on the disk. I am ready to start working on the pic set up. So with any luck this time next week. I will be ready to show of the finished peace.

Here is the refrance pic I have been using for the text.

A Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak on something that I am currently working on.
See if you can guess what it is!
The first to get it right gets a Cookie!

I got a few concept ideas that for this project that I will post up later.

Akira Class, Part 16 Lower Saucer finished.

I have now finished the lower saucer, not to much detail down here, just a few windows.
This is for two reasons
1, This a warship, it should not have lots and lots of windows.
2, The windows placemeant on lower saucer would be in the floor, with my deck layout.

I have added navigation lights and a phaser strip as well as add the last of the escape hatches for the saucer.
I have also add the little cricle cut at the rear, some people think this is for the warp core to eject. But I think these two hatches are for refulling the ship when docked to a space station.

Now to move onto the fixing the Cats.