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London & Snow.

The east of the UK has been grip by freezing cold weather coming in from the Artic. Nothing to special, It happens.
But what bugs me in that while the North of the country was being battered by Snow the southeast and London was not. The Councils knew it was coming and said there where ready to grit the road to keep London moving.
Well on Tusday night the first snow fell on London. The Main roads where open but most of the back roads had not see a griter. This meant a lot of traffic on the Road.
Something that normal would not affect me getting into work as I get the Train.
Problem is one station before mine someone had fallen under a train as the station platfrom was not gritted before the snow started to fall. (not surpriseing as the station is not always manned.) This meant my line was closed while they cleaned up the poor bugger.
So I had to get a bus over to the next line. It normal a 20 min trip. but took an hour due to the traffic.
I managed to get a train with no issue. However about half way into central London. the Train Drive informed us that there was singal issue at London Bridge and we should be moving shortly.
Well after an hour we are informed that the two trains in front of us have broken down and we would not be going anywhere.

At this point I had been trying to get into work for over two hours and had enough. Of course I was in an area I did not know very well and did not have any more cash on me to take the bus. So I had to find a main road and walk to an area I know a lot better. This took me an hour to walk. Once there I manged to find a ATM and get some money out. after that it was another hour on the Bus home. Bring it total of four hours out of the house, trying to get into work and home.

Today was no better, I got to the station only to time find out that there are no trains running on any of the lines at all.
While the news stated there was a limted service.

Any way all in all I got to play in the snow with the kids over the last two days. So I can’t complain about that.
The forcast for tonight is more snow, so I guess more of the same tommorrow!

The one thing that make me laugh, is that other counties able to handle this sort of weather with no problems, but not the UK.
If past weather patterns have proven. The UK will get more snow over the next few decades in the winter. Then we would get few decades where the winter weater is mild again. AS the saying goes. This has happend before and will happen again!!


4 responses

  1. The attempted trip to work and back home sounds bad but at least you got to play in the snow with your kids. You all look like you were having fun. So, at least it ended well.

    Did you get to take some vacation or sick days so that you didn’t lose the money for the missed work?

    02/12/2010 at 08:23

  2. Just got back from the station after waiting another hour & 30mins. No trains, though some are running. I did see one go though the station but it did not stop. (also going in the wrong direction.)

    I am also hearing of people having problems getting home for those that did manage to get a train. (some of them had been waiting up to three hours.)

    Yeah the kids are bugging me to go back out and play as the snow still falling and alot better than yesturday.

    As for sick and hoilday. no I not taken it off. I am full time so I wont lose any money unless it becomes a joke or I did not go in when there was another way to get in. Which at the moment there is not unless I walk witch would take about 6 hours normal, but in this weather I am looking at around 12.

    On a plus side one of my Mangers live not to far from me. (he takes a different line into work.) But he is having the same problems as me. So I do have a leg to stand on.

    02/12/2010 at 10:50

    • At least you get paid for it. Some companies don’t let you use any excuse for not going in, even bad weather. You don’t go in, you lose the money (depends on the company.) At least you’re at one where they’re a little more understanding. Besides, it’s not like you just saw snow and said “Eh, I’m not going in,” you’re trying your best. By the time you walked to work in that weather, your shift would be over. 😉

      02/12/2010 at 16:12

  3. Yeah the company I work for is pritty good most of the time.

    03/12/2010 at 13:52

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