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Tron Project – Lightcycle

So as you guy’s know I am building a Lightcycle. This is for a few ideas I have for pictures, I am also hoping to do a little animation.
I already got the “grid” made as I did that for the poster, but it will get reworked to fit building that I will build. I also plan on building some of the other vehicles, used in both Tron and Tron Legacy, though the Tron Legacy will be done last, as there are limited refance matrial for them. So if anyone knows of any good ones, please post a link in the comments box below. Thanks

Anyway, onto the updates on my version of the lightcycle. not must done.
Modelled the footpads and brakes for the handlebars, I have also done some body work to the front. I still need to work on the back end, but I have some good ref for it.


2 responses

  1. Nice work on the hand and foot controls. 🙂

    05/01/2011 at 09:03

    • Thanks.
      I still got a little more to do with the foot rests. but it almost there.
      I have also started work on the engine.

      06/01/2011 at 09:27

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