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Tron Project – Lightcycle, Part 2

I been hunting down anything concept art I could find from Tron, most of the stuff I am finding is for the lightcycle.
So I got a lot of good ref’s. One of the concept art, I came across was for the engine of the Lightcycle.

As this has moving parts I decided to have a go at modelling this so that it will go into my Lightcycle as well as the Light Runner.
I missed out part of the inner core, but the rest of the details is there.

I had to resize it a little so it would fit into the Lightcycle.

I have also done a test animation to see it in action. Ingnore the texters they are only placments for the moment.

I have been putting this off, but now I need to move onto the rear of the bike.


2 responses

  1. When I first saw that top image, I though “Wow, he’s been busy.” Then I read the accompanying text. 😉 I’m not saying you haven’t been busy, you just haven’t been quite that busy.

    Nice work so far on the engine bro. I like that animation of it spinning. I’m also glad you told me it spins, otherwise I wouldn’t have known.

    12/01/2011 at 17:16

  2. Thanks, Yeah I wish that first pic is mine, but alas not. I just got a few more bits to add and then I am ready to textuer.

    I notice, the engine spins in the first test trailer that was show at E3.
    You notice it when CLU 2 get of the bike to make his kill.

    For my engine, I have the inner blades turn one way and the rest of the engine turn another. It really does not show in that animation due to the low quailty.

    12/01/2011 at 19:37

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