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Tron: Uprising (TV Series.)

I was doing a bit of research for an artical I am writing for and I came across news of a new Tron TV series, Looks like it will be annimation, weather this is 2d or 3d, is yet to be seen.
Disney’s is planning to have it on the air by summer 2012 and aired on their Disney XD channel.

Elijah Wood & Bruce Boxleitner are down on the IMDb page as being the vocal stars of the show, but it looks like Jeff Bridges, will not be reprsing his role of Kevin Flynn or Clu.2. These role will be vocied by Fred Tatasciore.

The show it set between Tron and Tron Legacy. Around the time Clu.2 starts become angry with Flynn and decides to betray him. The show will center on a new young program called Beck, who has been trainned by Tron. He will attempt to stop Clu.2 by battling Clu.2 General Tesler, who will be the main antagonist.

That’s all I have to now, but when I find more information I’ll let you guys know.

Here is the link to the IMDb Page:-

Untill Next Time see you on the Grid!


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