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PSP2 Announced

Today in Tokyo Sony formally announced the PSP2, code name:- Next Generation Portable or NGP.
It highly unlikely that name will stay and mostly likely would be called the PSP2.
The new hand held is due to come out in late 2011. though price has not yet been set, excpet this to be announced at E3.

The NGP will use a new game medium, Which means that the UMD form are long gone. The new medium is a small flash memory based card. The cards will store full game titles and add-on game content or save data. Sony notes that they’ll be able to provide higher capacity cards in the future to allow developers to store more game data.

The device also supports PlayStation Network Trophies.

The NGP contains a touch screen on top and a touch pad on the bottom. This will allow more control within games through “touch, grab, trace, push and pull” with just moves of the fingers. The hand held also comes with the much demmaned duel anlog controls.

The NGP has WI-FI and 3G which means that you can on the Playstation Network while you are on the go.
The NGP come will a whole host of new applications.
Games that was anounced to be realsied are very imprssive, from Uncharted to Call of Duty, these games being made just for this hand hled. however it has been noted that one of the game delevloper was able to port over a PS3 title to the NGP in two weeks.

The NGP graphics is on the same level as the PS3.
One the featuer that was roumored and hinted at is that a you could play a game on the PS3 then when you have to travel upload into the NGP and just carried on playing. This could be a very intresting feature but we will have to wait untill E3 ti see if anything comes of it.

Here are the Hardware Spec’s:-

ARM Corte-A9 core (4 core)


External Dimensions:
Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm (width x height x depth) (tentative, excludes largest projection)

(Touch screen) 5 inches (16:9), 960 x 544, Approx. 16 million colors, OLED Multi touch screen (capacitive type)

Rear touch pad:
Multi touch pad (capacitive type)


Front camera, Rear camera


Built-in stereo speakers, built-in microphone


Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer)

Three-axis electronic compass


Built-in GPS

Wi-Fi location service support


PS button

Power button

Directional buttons (Up/Down/Right/Left)

Action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square)

Shoulder buttons (Right/Left)

Right stick, Left stick

START button, SELECT button

Volume buttons (+/-)

Wireless Communications:

Mobile network connectivity (3G)

IEEE 802.11b/g/n (n = 1×1)

(Wi-Fi) (Infrastructure mode/Ad-hoc mode)

Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (A2DP/AVRCP/HSP)


4 responses

  1. I want one! Man, I haven’t been this excited about a handheld gaming device in a long time. Thanks for the excellent write-up, that looks like a seriously wicked device. The flash memory units make sense, they’re practically the new CD-Rom anyway. (especially for mobile computing)

    29/01/2011 at 02:16

  2. Me too. I have now started to put a bit of a cash to one side, so I can get this. Though I will not get it on realsie day. I’ll wait a bit untill I get it.

    Hope it will not be long untill a GTA is reaslsied on it, as long as it not like China Town Wars. I hate the veiw on that game.

    But the big question is prise and how much will the 3g cost.

    Though it just be anounced that they will realsie a vesion without the 3g.

    29/01/2011 at 09:49

  3. I had to Google Chinatown Wars. Yeah, the view on it looks weird. It looks like a cross between the original top-down view and the later 3D views. (weird)

    I just want a Wifi enabled one. I have a wireless router, I can hook up right here at home and I hear there are a lot of other places with free Wifi. I wonder if you can run other operating systems on it? With its specs, it can beat the hell out of most of the tablets out there and shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg like high powered tablets do.

    29/01/2011 at 16:40

  4. Well they taken away the option for other OS on the PS3, so I doubt it unless they can do it so that the secruity on it can’t be haked.

    That was one of the biggest problems with the orignal PSP. It was hacked so fast, people where buying it then hacking it and playing games they had DL and emultors on it.

    The other problem with the PSP was stirght game ports over from the PS2 and PS3. meanning that if you got a game one of those systms you would not buy it for your PSP.
    They need to make games exculsive for this. like with the DS and Wii.
    I think that was one of the things that really helped nintendo with the handheld market. You could have a game with the same title on the Wii, but it complately different on the DS.

    31/01/2011 at 11:54

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