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Ship Sizes.

Those of you that know me from SFM, will know that I was writing a story a few years ago.
I got the first few chapters done, but never went back to it. Anyway, becasue of this story I started to make some ship.
I have got requests for my ships to be used in other people univseres, so I given them to a limted number of people.
Meph (on SFM & did some great work with my Aires Class fighter & was reworking the Odin Class into a stealth fighter.

Anyway, I never but all my ship togther in one pictuer to show of the scale, so here are three pic’s doing that.
some of you will notice that the Naraka Class fighter is missing, this is due the fact I have lost the finished file and only got a file with a lot errors, I will have to rebuild that at some point.

On to the pictuers.

I am going to get back to the Type 11 shuttle soon, as Amber is now getting into a routine.


It’s a girl!

My wife gave birth to our thrid child on Sunday 13th of Febuary at 01:53.
We called our new baby girl Amber. She weight 7lbs at birth.
Mother and child are now both at home and doing well.
Here are a few pictuers of Amber just under an hour after being born.

So with Baby Amber now here, I will have very little time to do any modelling for the next few weeks. Which means I may not be able to keep my promises of atleast one post a week. But I will try my best.

Type 11 Shuttle

A while ago I posted some pictuers of the Start of the Type 11 Shuttle seen in Star Trek Inserection.
I had not touched it since then. But with the modelling now done on the Akira, it’s time to finish this thing off.
I am happy with the Nascells so I have not done anymore work on them.
I have mainly been working on the front of the shuttle. cut in the windows and the little intent at the front. I though that was a small defelector dish, but from the refs I got, there nothing there. So I might still put on in there.

Still need to do work on the back of the shuttle and subd this thing so it rounded out a bit more.

Akira Class, Part 19. More Catamarans Windows, Hanger doors & odd’s and Ends.

Finally finsiehd of all the windows on the cat, not has many to do so I managed to get in done in a day.
I have also added a sensor suit to the top on the saucer just in front of the bridge. By the looks form the concept art and plans, looks like the area is a door, but given that the main hanger is just a few decks below this. I have decied to go with a sensor.

I also added the hanger door. For the forward one. I was thinking they where holographic. As there is already a forcefeild in place, it would be hard to have holo emitter there as well. This would save having to open the door when in battle. Ships can still fly out but nothing can get in. so if the area was was hit a attack. You would just have to refesh the area that was damage and you would have a new door good to go. (the emiter would be in the ship so they would be less likely to be damaged.

Anyway on to the pic.

Cat inner windows.


Hanger Doors

I have also done some lighting test, though I am not fully happy with this, so it needs a bit more work.

It was also mentioned that the RCS where too chuncky, so I have rebuilt these.

Finally here are two render of the full ship. One is a clat render.

The chase is on!

Made in Blender 2.5, with a little post done in Photoshop.