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Ship Sizes.

Those of you that know me from SFM, will know that I was writing a story a few years ago.
I got the first few chapters done, but never went back to it. Anyway, becasue of this story I started to make some ship.
I have got requests for my ships to be used in other people univseres, so I given them to a limted number of people.
Meph (on SFM & did some great work with my Aires Class fighter & was reworking the Odin Class into a stealth fighter.

Anyway, I never but all my ship togther in one pictuer to show of the scale, so here are three pic’s doing that.
some of you will notice that the Naraka Class fighter is missing, this is due the fact I have lost the finished file and only got a file with a lot errors, I will have to rebuild that at some point.

On to the pictuers.

I am going to get back to the Type 11 shuttle soon, as Amber is now getting into a routine.


2 responses

  1. Interesting. I do all of my models to scale but I don’t usually do size comparison charts. It’s cool seeing how your original universe ship stack up against one another. 🙂

    25/02/2011 at 05:27

    • Thanks Chris.
      I been meaning to do this for awhile put never got round to it.
      Even thougt I have “Max” in there, it really needs a real world iteam like a car to compaire the size. This would give you a proper idea of the size.
      I never seen this done properly with Trek ship. the best scale ref I have seen with Trek ships was the ENT-D just fitting into the paramount stuido film lot.
      Now I never been there but I know its big.

      25/02/2011 at 23:07

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