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Blender Guru has recently put a new Video tutorial on how to make a realistic Asteroid field. (a link can be found under Blender sites on the side bar.) I normal look at the tutorials as they are always been helpful with things I am doing.

So with my love of sci-fi and ship building, I though it would be a good idea to put this tutorial to good use.

Making the asteroid is very simple and can be done in less than two min’s, make the whole scene took a little longer as I used a partial system for the smaller asteroids. These have less details than the main asteroid as they are out of focus so don’t need the heavy details.

Once the scene was done I render it out, it looked good but not great. This is where Blender Guru video tutorials have always been a great help. This is due to the fact that Andrew Price use Nodes to bring the render to life.

With another half work putting the Node together and composting the picture. It came out better than I expected.

However I though the scene looked to bright to be realistic. So I played around with the environmental lighting. I have to say that it came out as I hope nice and dark. This would be how you would see an asteroid field in real life.

Of course it was far to dark for an artist picture with a ship. So I put the environmental lighting back up and grabbed the only ship I’ve got with textures finished.
The good old Aries Fighter, which I built when I first started out.
The textures are very simple and the reflection is a bit high, but I was going for a look of a ship that just came off the production line.
The colours I went for with this ship are the same as those as Royal Air Force, Red Arrows. Most of their planes have a glossy look to them which is almost got a mirrored quilty to it.

With these picture finished I plan on doing a series of them. Don’t worry I have not forgotten about the Type 11 Shuttle and Akira, I am currently hunting down some good textures for them.


2011 Movie Trailers Part 2.

More movies to keep an eye out for this year.

Attack The Block


X-Men: First Class.

Captain America

And becasue after I posted this the frsit time the video was taken down.
Here is again.

Green Lanten.

Type 11 Shuttle Part 3. Modelling finished, next Textuers

I have made a few corrections to the shuttle mainly the area where the cut is. I was missing a peace of hull form there, so that is now in place.
I have also modelled the torpedo launchers and two hull panels that go behind the cockpit windows. By the looks of it, everything else is textures so that is next up.

I put Max in for scale. For some reason the shuttle looks a little two big. But if I make it smaller then there is not enough standing room with in the shuttle and two people would be sitting very close to each other. While in Star Trek Insurrection. There is plenty of room between Wolf and Picard. So I am not sure if I should make it slightly smaller?

Anyway with the modelling done it does me that it time, to texture this girl. As those of you that know me I tend to model something, then when it time to texture I move onto model something else. Well that not going to change. I have also started to model a new ship. But saying that I will be modelling that on the trip, into and out of work. So the rest of the time I will be working on getting the texture for this done.

Wonder of the universe

Wonders of the solar system was a great show, made by the BBC and presented by Professor Brian Cox. It was a great documentary series that talked about everything in our own solar system, from how it was forum to how life on Earth started.
He looks at each planet and some of their moons. It was a great show and was very easy to understand. It would be no surprise if the series start to get shown in schools.

Anyway Professor Brian Cox is back, this time with Wonder of the Universe.
The first episode, Stars was all about the life and death of a star. It starts off with the big bang and going to what is theorized, the end of the universe. The ending was very bleak. But seeing as how that is Trillions, trillions, trillion (this will go on for a while.) and trillions of years from now. There no doubt that the human race has now become the dust between the stars. Saying that it was still very informative and very enjoyable.

The second episode, Dust was all about how the known elements was formed, This lead him to talk about supernova and how a star very close to our own is expected to go supernova few million years.

I have to say that it a very enjoyable series and well worth watching. It is currently being shown on BBC 2 at 9pm on Sunday nights. I sure BBC America will be shown it, if not now then soon.

Or you can go out an by the book and DVD/ Bluray.

The Art of Partick Brown

Some you might know that I am a big fan of the Grand Theft Auto series.
I recently replaced my copy of GTA:IV for GTA:IV Complete. This come with GTA:IV, and the downloadable content (The Lost & Dammed & The Bollards of Gay Tony) all on one disk.

I was doing some research on what else you could do in the DLC apart form the main mission. I came across some Fan Art by an artist called Patrick Brown.
He has done some great picture with all the star of each game.

He has started doing a series of picture called “This is a Jecking!” with the star of GTA:IV Niko Bellic jacking a vehicles from well known Characters from the Terminator to Iron Man.
Here are some of them.

Patrick has also recently been commissioned to do art for The Official Playstation Magazine: France. These are off recent and up and coming games.
Patrick has also done fan art of some well known Characters from movies, comics and TV.

Check out his gallery here.

I have to say, looking at his work it got me inching to get back to doing some 2d stuff!

Back in the Saddle again! Type 11 Shuttle Part 2

Well it has been a month, since I have done any real 3d work.
But with Amber now here, I found I had very little time during the day as I was running around getting thing we did not get before she arrived. I also had to move my kids from the master bedroom into the box room and us out of the box room and into the master bedroom. I had forgotten how much stuff they had. By the end of each day I was just too knackered to do anything except veg in front of the idiot box.

Anyway, Monday was the first day back at work. This meant that I have an hour to kill on the way into and out of work, while on the Train. So I pop open my laptop and got back to work on the Type 11 Shuttle that will go with my Akira.

I have cut “air vents” into the side of the shuttle and did a little work to the area around the top airlock. It stills not the same as studio model, but I found if I am going to have it the same I would have to rebuild the shuttle. I have done to much work to do that, so I am just going to call this a variant of the Type 11.

I have cut the impulse engines into the back of the shuttle and put in the airlock to the bottom of the shuttle. I just need to subd this girl and then I am good to model more of the detail and then she good to go and be textured.

I notice from my reference pictures that the shuttle does not have any thrusters, so I will have to add those, but I will have to look at where I can place them.

Well here where she currently stands.

Tron : Uprising Trailer

Here is the Tesser Trailer for the up comning Tron Animation.

Going by the IMDb it due out in 2012 on the Disney XD Channel.

In other Tron News, The Bluray copy of Tron legacy is due out in the UK on 18th April.