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The Art of Partick Brown

Some you might know that I am a big fan of the Grand Theft Auto series.
I recently replaced my copy of GTA:IV for GTA:IV Complete. This come with GTA:IV, and the downloadable content (The Lost & Dammed & The Bollards of Gay Tony) all on one disk.

I was doing some research on what else you could do in the DLC apart form the main mission. I came across some Fan Art by an artist called Patrick Brown.
He has done some great picture with all the star of each game.

He has started doing a series of picture called “This is a Jecking!” with the star of GTA:IV Niko Bellic jacking a vehicles from well known Characters from the Terminator to Iron Man.
Here are some of them.

Patrick has also recently been commissioned to do art for The Official Playstation Magazine: France. These are off recent and up and coming games.
Patrick has also done fan art of some well known Characters from movies, comics and TV.

Check out his gallery here.

I have to say, looking at his work it got me inching to get back to doing some 2d stuff!


5 responses

  1. That’s some great stuff, Dean, thanks for posting it. He’s a really talented artist. Plus, you know I love some GTA also. My favorite is the Poker one. I can immediately pick out Niko, Tommy & Ken Rosenburg from Vice City and CJ from San Andreas. I’m not sure about the others, though I do recognize them as characters from the games, they just kind of blur together after a while. (the guy at the table in the brown coat might be the main character from GTA III)

    20/03/2011 at 16:38

  2. Yeah that Cluade. the guy in a black suit is Toni Cipriani (GTA:LCS), The two guys in the back are Vic Vance (GTA:VCS, he killed at the beggining of GTA:VC, in the drug deal that goes bad when Tommy Arrives in Vice City.) & Phil Cassidy, (was in GTA,VCS, GTAVC, GTALCS & GTA:III. He also never betrayed the player in any of the games.)

    20/03/2011 at 20:43

  3. I thought that was Tony in the foreground. His character was also in GTA III, though he wasn’t the star like he was in LCS. I have most of the 3D GTA games, though I still don’t have any of the bonus games for GTA IV. Maybe after I pay some bills, I’ll be able to get them.

    21/03/2011 at 04:51

  4. I have started to play the Lost & Dammed, not got to far with it as I have restarted GTA: IV, I am about half way though it at the moment. I will leave TBOGT untill last.

    I have enjoyed it so far.

    I have heard roumors that that GTA:V will be out early next year. though Rockstar has yet to conferm anything. I guess we will find out at E3.

    21/03/2011 at 10:04

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