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Wonder of the universe

Wonders of the solar system was a great show, made by the BBC and presented by Professor Brian Cox. It was a great documentary series that talked about everything in our own solar system, from how it was forum to how life on Earth started.
He looks at each planet and some of their moons. It was a great show and was very easy to understand. It would be no surprise if the series start to get shown in schools.

Anyway Professor Brian Cox is back, this time with Wonder of the Universe.
The first episode, Stars was all about the life and death of a star. It starts off with the big bang and going to what is theorized, the end of the universe. The ending was very bleak. But seeing as how that is Trillions, trillions, trillion (this will go on for a while.) and trillions of years from now. There no doubt that the human race has now become the dust between the stars. Saying that it was still very informative and very enjoyable.

The second episode, Dust was all about how the known elements was formed, This lead him to talk about supernova and how a star very close to our own is expected to go supernova few million years.

I have to say that it a very enjoyable series and well worth watching. It is currently being shown on BBC 2 at 9pm on Sunday nights. I sure BBC America will be shown it, if not now then soon.

Or you can go out an by the book and DVD/ Bluray.


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