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Type 11 Shuttle Part 3. Modelling finished, next Textuers

I have made a few corrections to the shuttle mainly the area where the cut is. I was missing a peace of hull form there, so that is now in place.
I have also modelled the torpedo launchers and two hull panels that go behind the cockpit windows. By the looks of it, everything else is textures so that is next up.

I put Max in for scale. For some reason the shuttle looks a little two big. But if I make it smaller then there is not enough standing room with in the shuttle and two people would be sitting very close to each other. While in Star Trek Insurrection. There is plenty of room between Wolf and Picard. So I am not sure if I should make it slightly smaller?

Anyway with the modelling done it does me that it time, to texture this girl. As those of you that know me I tend to model something, then when it time to texture I move onto model something else. Well that not going to change. I have also started to model a new ship. But saying that I will be modelling that on the trip, into and out of work. So the rest of the time I will be working on getting the texture for this done.


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