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D.S.S.P Guardian Class Beauty Shot

With having done a beauty shot for the Ares fighter.
I thought why not do one for my D.S.S.P (Deep Space Sensor Platform.) Guardian Class, so here she is.
I used the same set up as I used for the Ares fighter.

I have done little textuer work on this, so what you are currently seeing are not the ones that will be kept.
The ones I have on her at the moment are for another pictuer I have in mind for her.

With the exception of the model everything was done in Blender 2.56.
I can’t remember which version I built the Ares in but it was in an early 2.3 version.
Credits were added in Photoshop.

Tron Legacy Sequal?

Recently there have been rumours going around that there could be sequel to Tron Legacy.
There was hints in the film with the Cillian Murphy making an uncredit cameo of Edward Dillinger Jr, and also Sam Download the grid onto the chip at the end of the film.

But with the release of Tron Legacy on DVD and Bluray. There are more hints that this could be true, in the Special Features there is a short film, with just text between two people the first one is Ed Dillinger and the second is only known as MCP. The last comments in the text is that everything is going to plan. Could this mean that the Master Control Program is back and play a large role in the next film?

The Second big hint at a sequel is this video, called Tron: The Next Day.

Here is a link to it on a Russian Site.

Ares Beauty Pictuers

With the recent asteroids pictures I did with the Ares fighter.
I was asked on SFM to do a beauty shot with her.
So here are two, the first was more of a test than a beauty shot.
I was trying to achieve a look that said the Ares was travelling at Warp. I think I partly achieved this but it still needs work.

And here is the beauty shot Enjoy.

With the exception of the model everything was done in Blender 2.56.
I can’t remember which version I built the Ares in but it was in an early 2.4 version.
Credits were added in Photoshop.

False Starts.

If you draw, paint, writing or 3d modelling, you get an idea for a project and start it. These ideas normal don’t go anywhere and end up in the bin.
This is what has happened with my lastest project. But like all faild projects they lead you down a new road. this is what happend to me.

Here is a bridge I started work on for a cargo ship. I was going simular to the bridge of the Driod command ships in Star War: The Clone Wars TV serise. However this was not really working for me.

So I restarted and tried something else. this was partly inspred by Clu command ship in Tron Legacy. Though this new shape was not really working.

This lead to actually shaping out Clu command ship. this is actually working better for me. So as it now stand. I think will actually use Clu’s Command ship. Of course it will not be be the same, but I will be using elements from it.

One good things form these false starts, I got an Airlock I am very happy with and will be using it in the future.

Type 11 Shuttle Part 4. Hitting the Wall!!

Work is going slowly on Type 11, reason being is that I am having troble with textuers. It is mainly the decals. I know how to do this, but it slow going and mainly due to the fact that I am having to make them all.

I did have a set made up, but when putting them onto the ship they looked all wong. On top of that, when I add texture to the whole mehes. they cover the decals, which is not what I want, so more work to be done.
While I hit my head agesnt the brick wall!!

Anyway here it is Temp textuer on the main hull and a test.

Please note, This Textuer is not the one that is staying on the ship. it was just a test.

**UPDATE** After putting this post togther the laptop I was using to do this work crashed this morning. It now needs a rebuild. Which means all the textuer work I have done have been lost, and I don’t have back up.
I had only backed up the Meshes, so not a total lost. Just have to start over on the textuers. 😦

Is the Film Trailer a Dying Art?

Since cinema became mainstream, Film Studios have been making trailers to get the movie going public, to come and see their film.
When they started the film Trailer was very simple, who started in it and a very basic idea of what the film was about and in most case it was just the star and title of the film.

Today for each film you get roughly 3 trailers, a teaser that is realised a year to six months before it’s film is realised and two main trailers, normal realised 3 months before the film is realised.

The teaser trailer is no more than 30 seconds long given you the stars name, title of the film and some times the directors name, or a producer that has had a very successful film. It’s also gives a little footage from the film without giving anything way.

But today’s main Trailers give you all the information of the Teaser trailer and 2 to 3 minutes of footage form the film.
The main problem with the full length film trailers is that in those 2 to 3 minutes of footage, they give you all the best parts of a film and some times even goes as far as ruining the ending of the film.
Of course this not the case for all films realised today, but is for most.

The film trailer has become an art forum in it own right, but has it lost it way?
Well yes and no, it not the fault of the editors putting the trailer together, but rather the film studio. The studios wants to get people to come and see their films, and the trailer was the best way to do this.

If a film can stand on it own, then the trailers tends not to give much away. A good recent example of this is Avatar. Though all the trailers did hammer home that it was a James Cameron film and what his past success where. The trailer did not give too much away. Yes it showed a lot of the action, but it also made sure that that you would be in for a fun action packed film.
Sure the film was lacking in some places and that a discussion in own right.
But the trailer delivered what you expected to see in the film.

However if a studio feels that a film can’t stand on it own, they throw everything at the trailer to get you to come and see it.
This means putting the best parts of the film into it, any producer that has a success also gets their name thrown in to. But does that mean anything?
No, not really the Producer is just the money man/ woman, they only control over the film is the director, it’s not there vision put on the screen that of the directors.
These are the trailers that don’t deliver. You expect to see an entertaining film and what you get is a lack lustre of a film, which often leave you wondering why you just spent your hard earn cash on said movie.

Give the media today the cinema going public knows more about a film even before the first teaser trailer is realised. By the time the full trailer comes out, they already know everything there is to know about a film and can already know if it going to be a success or bomb at the box office.

This leads to the question why are such weak films being made?
Well that is a discussion for another time. But I will leave you with one of my favourite movie trailers of all time.

It is simple; the star names only appear at the end and not in your face. There is no dialogue, only sound. The first half of the trailer has you wondering what it is your looking at and then it hit you, but at the same time never giving away anything major form the film and leaves you with one of cinema best tag lines and wanting more.


PEGASUS FOUND (part of the Asteroid collection)

If you’re a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, you will recognise this from the season 7, episode The Pegasus. In the episode Commander Riker old CO (Admiral Eric Pressman) come onboard the Enterprise with a mission to recover his old ship the USS Pegasus which was lost 12 years ago near the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Riker was one of the crew members aboard the ship when it was lost. Riker know what the real mission is and Admiral Eric Pressman orders him to keep quite about it.
This put him at odds with Captain Picard.

I have always been fascinated with the Pegasus stuck within an asteroid. It been a picture I have wanted to for some time, but my modelling skills have not been up to the task. Now that I am able to model an asteroid with out any problem I am now able to do it.

Unfortunately I do not have an Oberth & Galaxy class model, to do this picture. However Star Trek: Blender did, so I download copies of both ships. Unfortunately the textures for the Oberth did not come over to well into Blender 2.5, so I have had to make my own ship reg. Also the copy of the Galaxy class is a very low Polly model and all the details where done with textures. This model should not really be used for close ups, which is what I needed. This is why you only see a small part of the ship and blurry at that. It was the best away with getting away with it.

Anyway I have done three version of this picture. First is the picture without a lens distortion off and the second with it on. The third picture is with the lens distortion off, but it a close up on the Pegasus.

These pictures are okay, but I would prefer to do it with high Res models, so if anyone knows of a high detailed model of the Galaxy & Oberth class that is available for Blender for free, or is will to donate their copies please let know, in the comments below.

USS Enterprise 1701-D Meshes by SCIFIART
USS GRISSOM Meshes by Eric Peterson