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Type 11 Shuttle Part 4. Hitting the Wall!!

Work is going slowly on Type 11, reason being is that I am having troble with textuers. It is mainly the decals. I know how to do this, but it slow going and mainly due to the fact that I am having to make them all.

I did have a set made up, but when putting them onto the ship they looked all wong. On top of that, when I add texture to the whole mehes. they cover the decals, which is not what I want, so more work to be done.
While I hit my head agesnt the brick wall!!

Anyway here it is Temp textuer on the main hull and a test.

Please note, This Textuer is not the one that is staying on the ship. it was just a test.

**UPDATE** After putting this post togther the laptop I was using to do this work crashed this morning. It now needs a rebuild. Which means all the textuer work I have done have been lost, and I don’t have back up.
I had only backed up the Meshes, so not a total lost. Just have to start over on the textuers. 😦


2 responses

  1. That sucks that you lost the texture work, bro. (I’ve had that happen before, it sucks big time.) Though, at least you didn’t lose the mesh or the things you’ve learned experimenting with the textures. It should be easier to redo what you’d done since you don’t have to learn that part this time. 🙂

    11/04/2011 at 17:16

  2. Yeah I learnt a few tricks, so that a good thing. The rebuild will take a few days instead of a day, due to the kids & Work.
    I should have it back up and running by Wednesday / Thursday.

    11/04/2011 at 22:22

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