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False Starts.

If you draw, paint, writing or 3d modelling, you get an idea for a project and start it. These ideas normal don’t go anywhere and end up in the bin.
This is what has happened with my lastest project. But like all faild projects they lead you down a new road. this is what happend to me.

Here is a bridge I started work on for a cargo ship. I was going simular to the bridge of the Driod command ships in Star War: The Clone Wars TV serise. However this was not really working for me.

So I restarted and tried something else. this was partly inspred by Clu command ship in Tron Legacy. Though this new shape was not really working.

This lead to actually shaping out Clu command ship. this is actually working better for me. So as it now stand. I think will actually use Clu’s Command ship. Of course it will not be be the same, but I will be using elements from it.

One good things form these false starts, I got an Airlock I am very happy with and will be using it in the future.


2 responses

  1. False starts. Yeah, those are always fun. You get an idea, it seems like a good one at the time, and you start modeling. Then, some hours later, the idea has lost its allure and you just walk away (figuratively speaking, of course.) I still have a few of those left on my HDD that I’ll leave on there a while longer “just in case” and I’ve deleted more false starts than I can remember. 😉

    18/04/2011 at 16:53

  2. I did keep them, but I recently got rid of them all. Looking at them, I saw a lot faults with them and how much my skills had improved.

    It would be better to start over than to fix issues. So they are now gone.

    20/04/2011 at 00:15

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