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Flame Thower test

Last week Blender Guru put up a tutorial for making a flame thower.
It a nice little tutorial and can be done very quickly. However, due to the caculation needed for an animation it can take some time to do.
Here is a single frame from my frist test.

As you can see from this that the qulity is very bad, but this was a test after all. The biggest problem was that the was light reflecting from the flame.
I made the corrections and then waiting five mins to re-bake the smoke and flames. Once done I rendered it out as an animation.
This was the real killer. As it took over six hours with the setting, set low for the test.

So if a short animation like this took over six hours to render, I hate to see what one with the setting set to high res.
I will find out soon, as this tutorial has given me an idea for a pic and possiably an animation.


2 responses

  1. That’s why people who do a lot of effects like this have render farms. Too bad the rest of us can’t afford to do the same. 😉

    That’s some really nice work, bro. Even though the qauality of the video sucks, the quality of the work is top-notch. It looks like a bad quality video of a real flame. 🙂

    24/05/2011 at 17:34

  2. Thanks Chris.

    yeah if I had done the video in a higher quilty, the render times would have been longer. given this took over six hours to render, if I had done it a full HD it would have been a lot longer and on top of that, if I had the setting set as they should be it would have been even longer.

    Now all I need to do is win the lotto and buy myself a render farm. LOL

    25/05/2011 at 10:12

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