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False Starts Part 2

Not long ago, I posted up some ships that where a false start.
Well I did work some more on the last one. This was based on CLU’s command ship from Tron Legacy.
I have made some changes to it like the side door and the landing gear and the thruster fans on the bottom of the ship.

The idea behind this was that it was a birdge for a massive cargoship, that could depart the main ship and hook up to another ship. As the time it would take to unload and reload the cargo would take weeks to months.
This way the bridge crew would not have to wait, they just moved the bridge over to another cargo ship that is ready to leave and be gone within a few hours.

Lower Thrusters

Side Door

Upper Thrusters

Landing Gear Doors


I still consider this a flase start, As I am not really in the mood to keep going with it. but that could change.
So if your intrested in seeing more of it let me know. As I really need insperation to keep this one going!


2 responses

  1. That’s some nice work, Dean. I’m glad you stuck with this one, it’s got a lot of potential. I really like the design. 😀

    31/05/2011 at 17:56

  2. Thanks Chris.

    I not sure if I will contiune with this one, as all insperation has left me on it.

    But if it comes back, I’ll pick it up again.

    01/06/2011 at 08:44

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