Freaking out about Sci-fi & Moives

Earth & Mars.

Blender Guru last week put up a tutorial for making planet Earth.
Now I know how to do the textuers for making a plaent this is something thats not to difffecult to do.
However Anderw uses Martiral Nodes, this is something I know nothing about.
Anyway here are the results.

The Second picture was to see how close I could get. This seems to be the closest I could get with the camera.

Given how easy it was to do this Tut, I though it would be cool, to do a picture of Mars that has started to be tarraformed, I have also added a few large cities.
Here is also a little animation of Mars.


5 responses

  1. Nice work, but I think the rate of spin on Mars would throw the atmosphere (and anything else) off the surface of the planet!

    20/06/2011 at 10:59

  2. Thanks Eric.
    Yeah, if mars span this fast nothing would survive.
    Think of it a day (26 hours?) on Mars speed up.

    20/06/2011 at 12:42

  3. You just need to reverse the spin and put a Superman model in orbit. 😉

    Nice work as usual, Dean. Those came out really well. I like the Earth one a little better but that’s just my taste (gotta love the light hitting the water :)) Incidentally, if you want to get closer than that, you need much larger textures. I’ve tried planet maps up to 16K in Blender 2.49 and it works, but it gets really sluggish and tends to crash often. The other thing to do is only have the part of the planet that you want to show, a partial sphere. This allows you to get closer and have smaller maps because you’re not trying to cover an entire sphere. Of course, doing this can get tricky when you’re talking about Earth, that’s probably why, even in movies, most effects artists still use Nasa photos for Earth closeups.

    20/06/2011 at 16:31

  4. LOL If I could model Superman I would. 😉

    Thanks for the advise Chris.

    20/06/2011 at 17:54

  5. LOL! I love that idea!

    20/06/2011 at 23:53

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