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A new Babylon 5 Show?

I found this artical on IGN, and though it was intreting enough to post here.

J. Michael Straczynski gets his own panel when he does Comic-Con, and he has a following. People fill the room just to hear him talk about whatever he feels like talking about at the moment. He’s pretty fun too. And today he very briefly spoke about a new Babylon 5 show.

Straczynski, who of course created the classic sci-fi series, was somewhat cryptic about the state of the franchise. He said until a deal is done he has to be. But he explained that a new series could happen.

Apparently, last year Warner Bros. approached Straczynski about a new distribution system that they were attempting to launch, and they wanted him to produce a new Babylon 5 for that system.

Straczynski, who over the years has dabbled in a variety of spin-offs of the series, said that he didn’t want to do anything on the cheap anymore (*cough* The Lost Tales *cough*). So his terms for Warner Bros. were: two to three million dollars per episode, commission a full season and grant him full creative control And they went for it.

But then, months later, this new “distribution system” collapsed.

And yet, Straczynski says that there’s still a chance that some kind of show will happen. Again, he can’t say much right now, but the implication seems to be that this is a sooner rather than later situation. Will it be a reboot, a sequel, a prequel? Only Londo knows!

I am a huge fan of B5, so I hope it comes about, even if it is a reboot as long as do it with the five year plan. Like the orignal.

The Amazing Spider-Man Tesser Trailer

I love the Sam Raimi, Spider-Man films and though he captured the Comics very well.
So I was a little shocked that they going to do a remake so soon.
I have to say that I don’t like the new Spidysuit at all. I think the one for Sam Raimi films got it right.
Anyway the teaser trailer has just been realised. I have to say that It Looks interesting , so enjoy.

X-MEN Frist Class, Film Review

When it was announced, that there would be a new X-Men movie. With none of the current casts. I thought great another reboot of another comic book franchised.
Saying that, that is not the case with the film.

X-Men: First Class, is the story of how Charles Xavier & Erik Lensherr became friends and then enemies. There is a lot history between the two and Xavier first class of X-Men. Way too much to put into a movie that is only two hours long.
What Brian Singer (returning as a Producer.) has done is to take the important parts history of these two people and put it together in a story that is suited for the film audience, while at the same time keeping the story in the real world, just like the last four X-Men films. (X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last Stand & Wolverine: Origins.)

Most of the story is set in the 60’s and leads up to how the Cuban Missile Crises came about and how it was resolved. This gives the film a slight of the classic Bond movies, but not taking it to far. Which helps sell the era the film is set in.
Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass) has written a fine story though reader of the comics might think WTF with some major character changes, such as Dr. Moira MacTaggert being a CIA agent and not a fellow student with Xavier at Cambridge University. Is that a bad thing, well that depends on how much of a hard core fan you are. As I have not really read the X-Men comics it does not bother me too much.

James McAvoy does a great job as Xavier. He has stated in interview that he tired to copy how Patrick Stewart played the role but at the same time make it his own, and it shows.
Michael Fassbender is excellent as Erik Lensherr and he has great on screen chemistry with McAvoy.

The rest of the cast has been well casted over, a few of the characters seemed a little left out, and really did not have time to grow. But then this is the story of Xavier and Lensherr.
The film moves along at a nice pacing, but there is no real stand out moments. Except for a great little cameo from Hugh Jackman & blink and you miss her Rebecca Romijn. Both actors reprise their roles from the previous X-Men films.
Because of the two cameos and the storyline it does not mean that Fox has decided to wipe the history of the previous films. As X-Men: First Class is a set up to the other films.
With two sequels planned to follow this film, which will also be prequels, and the planned Wolverine: Origins sequel. It’s a safe bet that Fox don’t plan on rebooting this Franchise any time soon.


I give this film 8 of 10.

Professor Charles Xavier: We have it in us to be the better men.
Erik Lehnsherr: We already are

Project: Ark – Concept Mines

I have designed 3 different mines as the story call for one to be used.
As with everything I plan to use them all even if turning them into a bit of greebles for a ship details.
So here is a picture of all three. If not they can still be used as mines.

The idea behind these mines is that they are dropped by the parent ship. Once that is far enough away they will are the mine. The mine will then just site and wait for a victim to come along. The mine will that activate a large magnet, causing it to attach to the victim ship and detonate. The Change is shaped so the explosion would go directly into the ship, instead going all directions.
The mine can also be remote detonated by the parent ship. This is so they can make sure that the mine goes off in the place they want without have to fire other weapons at that area.

I have included “Max” in each picture to show the size of these things.
In each pictuer is a mine with wire and the other just a plain clay render.

First up is the big one. I am not to sure about this one and will most likely find itself as details on a ship But if I do use it, it would be a first generation mine.

Next is a version that would be in service of the current military.

And last is the mine that our Heroes use. It can’t be found on any other ship as it homemade by the crew. The change is also smaller but can also do the same amount of damage as the other two.

I am thinking of adding light to the last two, This is to show when it just about to dentate but I am not sure at the moment.

Freak Art turns 1 year old!

Freak Art truns one year old this month.
I like to thank everyone that has visited my blog over the year.
I am happy to say that I have been able to keep my promises of Posting at least once a week.
I plan on keep on doing this over the next year. I will carry on posting WIP’s and finished art as well movies review. (I will be seeing Cars 2 when it realsied in the UK later this month, so look out for the reivew.)

To date Freak Art has had 10,492 vistors, in the last year.
here is a little animation I been working on for this occataion, using a tutorials from Blender Guru.
So once again Thank you to everyone that has visited, I hope you’ll carry on visiting and posting some comments.


Burno Mars – The Lazy Song (Offical Alternate Version)

I was just over on the Dex Files, I saw this little jem, staring the great Leonard Nimoy.
Some you of might not vist Doug Drexler site, so I thought would post it up here for you to see.


Project: Ark – Concept Art

As with any film project, you need to great concept art for things that will appear in your film.
This can be from tiny suck as a pen all the way up to a full Spaceship.

While I worked on the script with Lee Beran, Dale “Safe@2nd” Long & Kennith “Lonewriter” Perry. I asked some of the guy’s that had joined the original project to do some concept art of things we knew that we would need.

So I like to take this opportunity to thank Edward “hal” McIver, Brian Larsen, John “Brickhead” Varallo, Andy “backstept” Tubbs, Jeffery “JEFFERYSG” Gugick, Carl “Ozylot” Ozlot, Lee Beran & Supdmonkey for all your hard work, on the concepts.

Unfortunately I was unable to save everything that was saved into the area we where working in on before it had a site refresh. But this is some of what I was able to save.

Frist up Chariter desgins by Edward “hal” McIver.
we gave Edward an out line what we wanted the characters to look like. He did some hand drawn stuff and some painting.

Here is a painting of Hirio Tanaka.

This is one of the many hand drawing submitted for Jana Cervantes.

Lee Beran, did a simple shaping for a Earth Warship in 3d.

Here is a dropship desgined by Andy “backstept” Tubbs and shaping out in 3d by John “Brickhead” Varallo.
We liked this design, but it turned out that it would be to large to fit into the size we planned the “hero ship” to be. That’s not to say that we would have thrown the idea out, it would have most likely used as a background ship.

The dropship I had built was based of this design; however I took it in a different direction.

Here is a shoot gun designed by Jeffery “JEFFERYSG” Gugick.

Andy Tubb’s also did a design for the “hero ship” this would fit with the dropship seen above.

Brian Larsen was only with the project for a short time before he left due to real world commitments. But before he left he offered the use of one of his models that was built before the project had started. This was a land based vehicles that the hero’s would use on a planet.

As you can see, this would not fit into the size of dropship we had in mind.
However Brian did say that we could make change to the meshes so that it would fit with the size we had in mind.

Brian also did the second pass on the “Hero ship” this was rough the size we had in mind.

We all the loved the design, but as the story was progressing, it was found that the ship did not really fit what we where looking for.

This is where Carl “Ozylot” Ozlot stepped in he spoke with the writer and final came out this this simple desgin.

So there you go. Some of the Concepts from the old Project, I plan using as much as I can in this new version of the project.