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Project: Ark – Concept Art

As with any film project, you need to great concept art for things that will appear in your film.
This can be from tiny suck as a pen all the way up to a full Spaceship.

While I worked on the script with Lee Beran, Dale “Safe@2nd” Long & Kennith “Lonewriter” Perry. I asked some of the guy’s that had joined the original project to do some concept art of things we knew that we would need.

So I like to take this opportunity to thank Edward “hal” McIver, Brian Larsen, John “Brickhead” Varallo, Andy “backstept” Tubbs, Jeffery “JEFFERYSG” Gugick, Carl “Ozylot” Ozlot, Lee Beran & Supdmonkey for all your hard work, on the concepts.

Unfortunately I was unable to save everything that was saved into the area we where working in on before it had a site refresh. But this is some of what I was able to save.

Frist up Chariter desgins by Edward “hal” McIver.
we gave Edward an out line what we wanted the characters to look like. He did some hand drawn stuff and some painting.

Here is a painting of Hirio Tanaka.

This is one of the many hand drawing submitted for Jana Cervantes.

Lee Beran, did a simple shaping for a Earth Warship in 3d.

Here is a dropship desgined by Andy “backstept” Tubbs and shaping out in 3d by John “Brickhead” Varallo.
We liked this design, but it turned out that it would be to large to fit into the size we planned the “hero ship” to be. That’s not to say that we would have thrown the idea out, it would have most likely used as a background ship.

The dropship I had built was based of this design; however I took it in a different direction.

Here is a shoot gun designed by Jeffery “JEFFERYSG” Gugick.

Andy Tubb’s also did a design for the “hero ship” this would fit with the dropship seen above.

Brian Larsen was only with the project for a short time before he left due to real world commitments. But before he left he offered the use of one of his models that was built before the project had started. This was a land based vehicles that the hero’s would use on a planet.

As you can see, this would not fit into the size of dropship we had in mind.
However Brian did say that we could make change to the meshes so that it would fit with the size we had in mind.

Brian also did the second pass on the “Hero ship” this was rough the size we had in mind.

We all the loved the design, but as the story was progressing, it was found that the ship did not really fit what we where looking for.

This is where Carl “Ozylot” Ozlot stepped in he spoke with the writer and final came out this this simple desgin.

So there you go. Some of the Concepts from the old Project, I plan using as much as I can in this new version of the project.


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