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Project: Ark – Concept Mines

I have designed 3 different mines as the story call for one to be used.
As with everything I plan to use them all even if turning them into a bit of greebles for a ship details.
So here is a picture of all three. If not they can still be used as mines.

The idea behind these mines is that they are dropped by the parent ship. Once that is far enough away they will are the mine. The mine will then just site and wait for a victim to come along. The mine will that activate a large magnet, causing it to attach to the victim ship and detonate. The Change is shaped so the explosion would go directly into the ship, instead going all directions.
The mine can also be remote detonated by the parent ship. This is so they can make sure that the mine goes off in the place they want without have to fire other weapons at that area.

I have included “Max” in each picture to show the size of these things.
In each pictuer is a mine with wire and the other just a plain clay render.

First up is the big one. I am not to sure about this one and will most likely find itself as details on a ship But if I do use it, it would be a first generation mine.

Next is a version that would be in service of the current military.

And last is the mine that our Heroes use. It can’t be found on any other ship as it homemade by the crew. The change is also smaller but can also do the same amount of damage as the other two.

I am thinking of adding light to the last two, This is to show when it just about to dentate but I am not sure at the moment.


2 responses

  1. Yeah, that first one looks more like a wheel. I really like the other two, though. 🙂

    14/07/2011 at 17:23

  2. Thanks Chris.
    yeah with the first one, I wanted something like a Hand Grenade but at the some time keeping in line with the other two. which is why is look like a wheel.
    It was also the last one I made.

    15/07/2011 at 09:53

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