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The Amazing Spider-Man Tesser Trailer

I love the Sam Raimi, Spider-Man films and though he captured the Comics very well.
So I was a little shocked that they going to do a remake so soon.
I have to say that I don’t like the new Spidysuit at all. I think the one for Sam Raimi films got it right.
Anyway the teaser trailer has just been realised. I have to say that It Looks interesting , so enjoy.


3 responses

  1. It looks like it could be good. But teaser trailers can be deceiving. I see they’re going into what happened with his parents, that was something they didn’t bother touching in the last trilogy. (I think they were spies, or something like that) I’m not as thrilled with the suit either, but I guess that was what they decided to do. Personally, I like the first two films of the last trilogy really well, this one is going to have to be pretty amazing (pun intended ;)) to even compete with those, IMO.

    23/07/2011 at 06:21

    • Yeah I know about Teaser Trailers can be deceiving. I touched on that on my actrical about Trailers a few months back.
      It does look intresting, but I will hold judgment until I see the whole thing.

      as for Peter’s Parents, well Never read early stuff, but I did read the Ultimate Spider-Man, in that his parents did work for CIA and where part of SHILD. So I would not be surprise, if we may see a Cameo by Samual L Jackson.

      25/07/2011 at 17:45

      • The thing to remember about Spider-Man (and any comic character) is that there are multiple lines and multiple stories. Usually, they don’t intersect. I think, in the original comics in the ’60s, his parents were dead. They died in a plane crash. One or more of the lines had a story crop up later where they either weren’t dead or they were but it wasn’t what it seemed. They worked for the government as spies, or some such nonsense. I don’t know if they did all of this in every Spider-Man line or only in certain ones.

        I don’t know. I’m a Spidey fan but I can’t be bothered to follow every comic line for any character, plus I haven’t read any comics in years (besides stuff like Watchmen.) I actually usually prefer comic movies to the comics themselves because they don’t go as far out there with some of their stories (most of the time.)

        25/07/2011 at 20:52

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