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Ridley Scott to return to ‘Blade Runner’

It was only recently that it was announced that Ridley Scott was returning the to the ‘Alien’ universe, to make what was going to be a prequel but now a Spin-off ‘Prometheu’. This was great news to the fans of the ‘Alien’ franchise, but better news to every sci-fi fan. As Ridley Scott help change the perception that sci-fi films where just for kids.

It has now been reported by Deadline Hollywood that Ridley Scott will be returning to ‘Blade Runner’ universe to make a prequel or a sequel. At the moment it is unknown if Harrison Ford will return to play Rick Deckard.
What the story will be about is also unknown, but if the film is a sequel it could be a movie adaptation of Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human. Though changes would have to be made for it to fix with Scott’s latest version of ‘Blade Runner’ (Blade Runner: The Final Cut)

You can read the Deadline Hollywood article here.

Here is the Wiki page for Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human.


5 responses

  1. I never saw Blade Runner though, if he does more “Alien” stuff, I hope it’s a prequel or spinoff. I can’t stand Alien3 or Resurrection, (especially Alien3) so I don’t want to see another sequel.

    20/08/2011 at 20:25

  2. From what I have read ‘Prometheus’ is more of a spin-off than a sequel. It has been rumoured that the film will centre around the Space- Jokey race.

    As for Blade Runner, I highly recommend that you do see it.
    For the story you most likely need to watch it more than once.
    But on a visual level the film is just stunning, you will have to watch more than once to see everything as there are lots of hidden details that you miss on first viewing.
    You will also see why this is such an influential film.

    20/08/2011 at 21:52

    • Yeah, my dad has a copy of Blade Runner, one of these days I’ll borrow it from him. Right now, I’m on a Western kick, I don’t think it will quite fit in with that genre. 😉

      21/08/2011 at 02:07

  3. Larsen

    Please please watch the org version, with the narrative… Please do yourself that favor!

    30/08/2011 at 19:42

  4. I perfer the Directors cut. Without the commentry.
    Ford was very reluctent to do it, and Scott was forced to do it by the Studio, or it was done behind his back. I can’t remember which.

    Still to watch the Final Cut.

    31/08/2011 at 18:59

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