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Project: Ark – Airlocks

I have notice when people make airlocks for ship or space station; they normal only do the female side. You can see this with Trek ship. The only time I have seen the male version that would give a hard seal, is with the inspection pod used by Scotty and Kirk in the Motion Picture.

So if a ship or space stations have a female airlock, how do they do a ship to ship or ship to station docking? Simply put they can’t unless they have a universal airlock that is not blocky, which we really have not seen.

So in my universe, ships will have a male’s as well as a female airlock, this resolves this problem. The main airlocks on ship will be female; however there would be a male some where. While a station would have mainly male with a small number of female airlocks, but these would be secondary airlocks and not used that often.

Onto the models.

First up is the Female air lock, after a number of designs changes I settled on this one.

The two connection points on each side of the airlock are to transfer power, air and connection for computer networking to the ship

Next up is the Male Airlock, this took awhile to model, but this was doing the panels then scrapping them and redoing them again. You will notice the connection point on either side of the airlock. These can move back, for when the airlock is connected to a ship or station that does not have transfer plugs.

I have also modelled the area with in the male airlock, it’s just a box at the moment, with no details, but it high is 2.5 meters. On the rear side would be a walk way that could extended out to the ship or station. But I have not modelled this as it will depend on the design of the ship or station it connected to.

Last but not least. Here are clay and wire render for those interested in them.


2 responses

  1. That looks really good, bro. I like how you did both sides. Nice work as usual. 😀

    I can’t speak for other universes but the general idea behind airlocks in Star Trek is that they’re in the 24th century and that there are standards for airlocks. Ships have the “female” side, while stations, bases, etc. have the “male” side. How every race in existence (especially non Federation members) know this, I don’t know. They just do. 😛 Seriously, I’m sure there are contingency plans for alien craft. In the earlier seasons of DS9, they mentioned retrofitting the airlocks at times for different craft. Since they dealt with docking with alien craft more than the others, that was really the only TNG-era show on which they had to address this issue. In TOS, they had no airlocks, so it wasn’t an issue. I think the ones on the NX-01 and sister craft could go either male or female (they had a ring thing that was able to extend.) That makes sense, as they were were first deep space vessel from Earth. (and they showed once or twice where they came across some Alien airlocks and had to improvise) So, this issue has actually been pretty well covered in Star Trek, I don’t know about other shows and movies.

    30/08/2011 at 17:25

  2. Thanks Chirs.

    Yeah they really address the issue in DS9 and Ent.
    It amazing that it was not address with Voyager and docking with alien ships/ Stations that are not part of the Alpha and Belta Quadrants. It like the Galaxy have the same airlock system, even though each race is different and have there own version. You would have thought they would have addressed it after DS9 did. It’s amazing it took another 7 years to do it.

    31/08/2011 at 19:08

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