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Project: Ark – Solar Sails.

Anything that is sent into space these days has solar panels. Reason being if they go up with Un-rechargable batteries they are going to die at some point, making satellite or probes useless after a short period of time. With Solar Panels, which will recharge the batteries this is no longer a problem. As a satellite or probe becomes like the Energizer Bunny it just keeps going and going.

So untill we can create a fusion engine, solar panels would be found on deep space spaceships. reason being that if you are getting power from the Sun to run ship Systems, you won’t have to use as much fuel. This give you more fuel to use to get about and stay out longer.

With this in mind, I am sticking a set on the early earth Battleship that I will soon start to building.
I was hoping to have this done by now, but the arm that will attach to the ship dose not look right and I’ve had to rebuild them a few times.

So here are the solar sails. The sails are able to trun 360 degrees, so no matter which direction the ship is pointing. They will still be pointing at the sun to absorb the most energy.
The sails are attached to a box that holds 2 motors; these are for turnning the sail in the direction of the sun. The box is armoured however the sails are not.
You will notice on the box that on one side there is a circle and two quater circles. The main circle attaches to another motor box that turns the wholw sail from a vertical position to a horizontal one. This is so that the sail can move towards the ship for docking or combat. I did think of having the sails fold away completely for combat reasons, but by the time it would take to do this. They would have taken damage stoping them from closing.

The quater circles are for power transfer to the ship/ batteries. The reason for two is that when the sails are in the horzontal position, they can still be used.
The sails won’t be just used for this ship as I plan to use it on a spacestation as well.
I am hoping to get the arm done by the end of the week.


2 responses

  1. That’s really sweet, bro. I’m loving the details and the thought process behind this and the entire project so far. Excellent work. 8)

    12/09/2011 at 16:18

  2. Thanks Mate

    12/09/2011 at 20:14

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