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Project: Ark – Solar Sails, Part 2

The arm for the solar sail is nearly done; all that is left is to do the connection part to the ship.
I have boxed it out and cut out the “hinge” that will allow for the arm to fold in. I will add the details to this once I am ready to put it onto the ship.
You will notice about halfway along the arm is a box; this has been put there so I can put a piston that will help push the arm out. Again this will get modelled when the arm is fitted to the ship.
The second from last pic is a basic idea on how it will fit to the ship. The last pic was just a test on showing power going from the sails into the ship.
At this moment I plan on texturing what I have already modelled. Reason being, if I don’t do this now, it will be a nightmare to do at the end. I also what to get back and get the textures finished on the Star Trek Type 11 shuttle I built not long ago.
I have not stopped modelling altogether as I have started to build the bridge/front module for the ship.
So with any luck the next update to this project will be the textures complete on the mine, RCS thrusters and airlock as well as the Solar Sail as well as the Arm.


4 responses

  1. Nice work as usual, bro. After seeing all of these cool bits, I’m looking forward to seeing what the ship itself is going to look like. 🙂

    19/09/2011 at 16:41

  2. Thnaks Chris.
    At the moment in my mind it a bit of different things. But once I start building it. All the ideas should come togehter.
    I already got a name for her which is a bit tounge in cheek. 😉

    19/09/2011 at 17:05

  3. Looks good, I await future developments, keep it up man!

    26/09/2011 at 17:25

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