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Attack the Block Film Review.

Attack the Block is on one hand a gritty British Urban Drama, on the other hand it is a science fiction / horror movies in the style of the classic film Alien.
This is Joe Cornish debut film who also wrote the script. He has woven the two different genres together to create a modern classic that will no doubt go onto cult status.

The story is set on November 5th a night the British people commemorate the failed attempt by Guy Fawkes to blow up the houses of Parliament in 1605. This is done by having firework displays across the country.

A group of youth’s mug a Sam (played by Jodie Whittaker) young woman returning home from work. While they are mugging her an object crashes into a car near by. The young woman gets away while the leader of the gang, (Moses played by John Boyega) climbs into the car to see if he can get any valuables. While in the car Moses is attacked by small little “hairless aple”. Moses is able to defended himself and along with the rest of the gang give chase to it to the local park where they attack and kill the creature.
The Gang figure it some sort of Alien and think it might be worth some sort of money. They decide to take it to Ron (Played by Nick Frost) who lives in the “Penthouse” in their tower block, as he has a “Weed Room” which is the safest place to keep it.
While at Ron’s the gang sees more meteors fall among the firework displays.
The meteors fall all over the estate, the gang figure it most be more of the alien they have killed, so head to their own flats and gear up form battle.
The gang have no idea what they are getting themselves into have the meteorites contain something bigger; ink-black, with glow-in-the-dark teeth and a very bad attitude.

If you go into Attack the Block expecting laughs, you may be disappointed. Though the film does has it moments. There is also strong influenced by films from Alien to Gremlins.

Attack The Block has a lot of plot on its plate in 88 minutes, but it never gets condescending towards its south Londoners: jokes come from within the gang rather than at their expense; when two nine-year-olds try to generate their own street names as “Mayhem” and “Probs”, they are gently ridiculed by the rest of the block.

Budget limitations are probably the reason for the unfussy look of the monsters, who blend in the shadows and generate a reasonable amount of menace.
Attack the Block is action packed from start to finished and keeps the tension level high, this makes the film rip along with attacks and counter-attacks that are well staged and resourceful.

Cornish doesn’t labour the point about the gangs upbringing, but when Sam visits Moses’ home and is startled by its bleakness, the restraint with which the director treats this moment makes it more effective. Attack The Block is a modest gem of tight plotting, rascally attitude and gung-ho action.

I give this film a 4 out of 5.

Ron: Even if it is an alien invasion, they’re four foot high, blind and got kicked to death by a bunch of kids. We got nothing to worry about.


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