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Project Ark: Earth Colonies Defence Ship (ECDF)

I have been modelling bits and peaces for this project for while now.
They have been done so I can use them in other builds.
I will continue to do this as the need arises for other parts.

Anyway not long ago I finished modelling the Solar Sail that would go on a Colonist/ military ships. This ship will be modular. It has been done for one reason.
Having a modular design make it easier to add modules or remove them as needed and to change the configuration, giving the chance to give desgins yet the same linage.

The ship I am currently building is an early Earth Colonies Defence Ship.

Here is a bit of background on it.
As colonies start to build up and send ores and things that are lacking on Earth, either due to low supplies (like cured oil is starting to be.) back to Earth.
Pirates start to operate steeling these resources. The Earth Defence Force (EDF) set up a new branch of the armed forces. The Earth Colonies Defence Force (ECDF), the EDF did not have ships that where capable of travelling to these Colonies to help protect them or patrol the shipping lanes, as they had been geared up for only work within the Sol System. The ECDF bought 12 colony ships that could be quickly converted to a military ship. This took months rather than years to build a new ship for this purpose.

These new ships where used to set up military outpost on the colonises and to patrol the space lanes until a ship built for this role could be put into service.

After a few years for Political reasons some of the colonises tried to break away from Earth governing, this leads to the Colony Wars. At this point the ECDF still don’t have proper wars ship deployed, as ship built for perpose where still a few years away from complation. This meant that the refitted Colony ships the ECDF bought where still being used. Over half of them move over to the colonist side during the war.

The ship I am currently building will be on the Earth side. It will appear briefly in the animation. But I plan to get very close it so it needs to be a high details ship.
It will also be a dead ship, so I will also be adding battle damage to it.

Here is where it stands at the moment.
• Housing for the solar sails boxed out.
• Walkway between modules getting details
• Container holding being detailed.
• Containers, Solar Sail and sat dish are just place holder for the moment.

The Containers are ones a built a few years ago.


4 responses

  1. Nice work bro, on both the ship and the thought process behind it. That’s one thing I like about your designs, you really think things out and that makes them better, IMO. 🙂

    25/10/2011 at 17:26

    • Thanks Chris.

      Yeah, I try and make them as realistic as I can. This way it makes them more believable.

      26/10/2011 at 10:59

  2. Wow, amazing, I love the modularity of the designs! Cool story too, I look forward to seeing more!

    25/10/2011 at 17:55

    • Thanks.

      At the moment I am just adding details for the connection of the modules.
      Then I will finish off the walkway/ cargo area before moving back to the Solar Sail module.

      26/10/2011 at 11:02

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