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Project Ark: Earth Colonies Defence Ship (ECDF), Part 3

Small update, here is the gangway and fuel pods.
I have done here is swap out the cargo container with ones with fuel pods I will removed the rail guns from this section, the reason for this, is that if they get hit. It could take out the fuel pods. So I am thinking of changing the design so you can’t actually see them as they will have armour covering them up.
Though for a civi version of the ship I would like them to be seen.
I am having some issue rendering out this with the gangway and cargo pods.
This is due to memory.

Project Ark: Earth Colonies Defence Ship (ECDF), Part 2

I have finished the Gangway and Cargo-pod module.
The gangway is split with two levels with the cargo-pods on each side.
There are male airlocks on both ends as these will plug into females of the main modules. On both ends at the top and bottom of the module are the connectors that will connect the module to the next section.
I have also added thrusters to module.
I have replaced four cargo containers with a rail-gun pod.

I will copy this module and replacing the Containers with fuel pods. These will have to armoured to protect them, but I will be looking at that. After that I will be getting back to the Solar Sail Moduel.

Always Coca Cola

After day of trying to find out why the current official version of Blender does not have “Cycles”.
I found that it not yet in the official realises and it only in developer versions. Now I have a copy of this, however “cycles” will be in the next official version due out next Month.

Anyway Blender Guru recently did a tut on Cycles. It was an interesting Tut but I found the final picture a little dull.
So I just change the water colour to an orange and out a total different picture.

“Cycle” is a nice addition to Blender, but the materials and texture set are different so if you where using blender own render and switch to “Cycle” nothing would show up until you have set up materials & textures in “Cycles”.
I am also having issue trying to render with the GPU setting, but I think that is down to the version I am using.
Hopefully that will be sort with the official realise

Here is my version Enjoy.

Project: Ark – Magnetic Mines Finished

A few weeks back I posted the finished textuered versions of the two miltary mines.
Since that time I have not really touched them. However I have now gone back and finished the textuers on the Home Made Mine built by the heros of film.

Here are some close ups on details from the military mines that where not to clear to see wen I first posted them up.

And here is all the mines toghter with “MAX” to show the scale of these things.

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

So there you go that is the Trailer for GTA V.

There is no doubt that GTA V will be a welcome return to San Andreas, but that blows my theory that it could be set on two continents. But then again this is only a teaser trailer so I could be still right. I guess will know that as more information is realised.
Going by the voice in the trailer the main protagonists is male. I had read on other site that the voice could be Tommy Vercetti, but Rockstar has already stated that it not the voice of Ray Liotta.

But that not to say that Tommy Vercetti is not in the game as during the trailer there is a older man that could very be him.

If you are a fan of GTA or even other Rockstar games, you know they love to put hints into everything. one of these hint could be the way the trailer is cut.
If you compare the GTA V trailer with GTA Vice City you will see a Blue car and a Red car roughly at the same time. Could this be another hint to Tommy Vercetti?
I guess time will only tell.

One thing is for sure with GTA V being in San Andreas the game is going to be huge with three cities and all the counties in-between to explore. It look like Rockstar will be leaving some of the seriousness of GTA IV behind and getting back to some of the fun that was GTA SA.
Will there be DLC? Given how popular The Lost and Dammed & The Ballads of Gay Tony where, I would say that is a high probably. But they are likely to turn up six months to a year after the game realised. But there is no need to worry about that now.
This will be a great game and one of the most wanted game of 2012, and that with only just with the announcement of the game, and now the trailer.

We are still to find out what consoles that GTA V will be on but it will be a safe bet that it will be on the PS3 and Xbox. With Microsoft deal for an exclusive realise for the Xbox coming to an end with the DLC of The Ballads of Guy Tony. It is unlikely to hit that console first, though Sony does have an exclusive deal for the Rockstar game Agent that has been in development for years, it is could be possible that it could be moved over to GTA V. Time will only tell.
Now it just a question on the date. One thing is for sure I will be saving some of my cash to get this on the day it is realised.

Grand Theft Auto V

A week ago This appeared on the Rockstar Games website when trying to access it.

Under the Logo it just stated ‘Trailer 02/11/11’.

The next day when going to the Rockstar site you would have seen the logo but now a Clock that was counting down.
The clock will reached Zero at 15:30 GMT today and we finally get a first look at the next GTA game.

Going by the new logo the Roman five look it has the marking for the American dollar while the five written over it is in the style of the British five pound note. Dose this mean that GTAV could be set into two different cites on two different Continents?
I guess we will find out in only a few hours. But if this is the case it would be the first GTA game to be set on two different continents and the first return to London / UK since Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 & Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961 Which came out in 1999.
They only information that Rockstar has released is that GTAV will have Multiple Playable Characters .
So will GTA V protagonists be a Brit, American, someone else.
Will they be Male like of the past GTA games or will it be the first female or even both?
Some of these question will be answered in only a few hours, but it only the teaser trailer, so no doubt there will be more questions.

I will update this blog after I have seen the trailer and post it here if I can otherwise I will be putting a link to it.