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Grand Theft Auto V

A week ago This appeared on the Rockstar Games website when trying to access it.

Under the Logo it just stated ‘Trailer 02/11/11’.

The next day when going to the Rockstar site you would have seen the logo but now a Clock that was counting down.
The clock will reached Zero at 15:30 GMT today and we finally get a first look at the next GTA game.

Going by the new logo the Roman five look it has the marking for the American dollar while the five written over it is in the style of the British five pound note. Dose this mean that GTAV could be set into two different cites on two different Continents?
I guess we will find out in only a few hours. But if this is the case it would be the first GTA game to be set on two different continents and the first return to London / UK since Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 & Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961 Which came out in 1999.
They only information that Rockstar has released is that GTAV will have Multiple Playable Characters .
So will GTA V protagonists be a Brit, American, someone else.
Will they be Male like of the past GTA games or will it be the first female or even both?
Some of these question will be answered in only a few hours, but it only the teaser trailer, so no doubt there will be more questions.

I will update this blog after I have seen the trailer and post it here if I can otherwise I will be putting a link to it.


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