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Hope you all are having a great festive holiday.

Having been playing Batman Arkham City, I have been getting really into a super hero feel.
So I have sat down and watched all the Batman Movies including the 60’s TV Movie.
I have also been watching all the Marvel movies as well, also gone back to playing DC Universe online, though I am not too impressed with that. It’s an okay game but takes forever to get online.

Anyway, As I am in this mood I thought it would be a good idea to do a picture of the logo of my favourite comic book hero.
Alas Wolverine does not have a logo expect for his trademark 3 claws. So next in line is Batman.
I have gone with the Christopher Nolan version of the logo. Two reasons for this, 1st I really love his Batman films and 2nd, the trailer for the Dark knight Rises has just come out. Yes this I will be seeing on the big screen, so look out for the review next year.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone.
I hope you have / had a great day!

Project Ark: Earth Colonies Defence Ship (ECDF), Part 5

I started building this module for the ECDS first but ended up going onto the cargo module and the fuel module. Anyway I have now finished the modelling for this module. All that is left is the texturing but than not likely to happen until after the holidays.

Anyway, here are some pic’s of this module finished. I have included pic’s of the solar panels open and closed. I have also included some close up of some details.
The first close up is off claps that would attach to other modules next to the airlocks, so this detail would not always be seen.

There is also a pic of all the finished modules connected.

I have now moved onto the engine section but unlikely to be finished this year.

The Art of KaranaK

I was visiting Concept Spaceship for some inspiration for Project: Ark.
This is where I found some really great designs by KaranaK.

From some of the details on these designs, they are being design for a game.
There are a wide range of designs from fighter to Civilian ships. The are some cars, trucks as well as a bike.

Here are just a few of the designs.

You can see the rest in his Gallery here.

Or look at some really cool designs at
(Link can be found under Some Cool Sites)

Project Ark: Earth Colonies Defence Ship (ECDF), Part 4

As those of you that follow me here and at some of the forums I am a member off, know I have been having some issue with putting the different modules together.
This is mainly due to the fuel pods and gangway module, as there was a lot of shadows on that. I also found that as I was using meshes I had built before they brought over there materials and textures that were not showing up as Blender was not able to find the Texture files that I was using.
So I have cleaned all that up and also the models as I was using more verts and faces than what was needed. This has been done will all the modules.

With all that done, I have also made some changes to the gangway & Fuel pods module.
This was done for two reasons.
1, As this is will be a military ship, the fuel pods would not be exposed. So they are now covered up. I have put a fuel line that goes from the pods into the main engine module. (This is still to be modelled.)
2, The other reason for doing this was simply to save on render times.

Anyway here is the new version of the Gangway and fuel pods module. I still have the old version just in case I will need it again.

Here is a clay and wire render.

With these new changes I have been able to render out all the module together. (The solar Panels module as is still being built.)

With this now done, I will be going back to the solar panel module to get that finished as it only partly done.