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Lego Star Wars, Vulture Droids Part 1.

Here is the Vulture Droid with the stickers now applied.
I have also played around with the materials to give them a slight polished metal look to them.
I have done a test animation of the droid going from standing position to flight.
It’s simple and very jerky. I might do a animation of a battle between the Naboo Fighter and the Vulture Driod.
Next up is to do a beauty shoot of the Vulture Driod.

Lego, Vulture Droids

Here is the Vulture Droid, modelled in LeoCad and imported into Blender.
The Vulture Droid is from Lego set 7751
It is missing the sticker that should go on it. This is due to LeoCad not having the stickers I need. So I will clean up those areas in Blender and make the sticker in Photoshop then UV Texture them into place.

Lego, Naboo Fighter Beauty Shot.

I have cleaned up all the meshes errors from the importing the meshes from LeoCad.
The biggest mess was with the engines. It might have been quicker to model that in Blender.

With that done I was going to do a picture of a fleet of Naboo fighters heading in to attack the Trade Federation Command Ship. But I decide not to do that as I did not have any Vulture Droids for a defensive line and the fact I don’t have a model or background picture of the Trade Federation Command Ship. Something I will correct soon. So for now here is a beauty pic of the Naboo Fighter.

Type 11 Shuttle Part 5. Textuers

It been awhile since I worked on this.
Reason for this was a simple one, I lacked the knowledge to texture properly.
Thankfully I have been following tutorials on other things but they had sections on texturing.
So I have learnt a few things that have helped me get to the point where I can say, I can now texture this girl.

So here is where she stands.
I am happy with the way she has turned out. But there are still a few more textuers to put on.
Namely the red bits around the phasers and airlock. I have tired to stick them on, but for reason they keep being placed somewhere I did not put them. So I need to figuer that out. I also need make some dirt maps to put on her as well.

In the meantime I have done two render of the ship with the different Pin-ups.
I am now leaning more towards the one with the Starfleet Emblom.

As soon as I sort out the issue with the missing textuers I will be be putting together a picture of her, so keep watching this space.

Naboo Fighter

Here is the Naboo Fighter from Lego set 7141.
Built in LeoCad and transferred over to Blender for Rendering.
You can see errors around the engine housing and on R2 leg. This is due to faces over lapping. After taking a closer look at it, it looks like these sections may need to be remodelled, which is the reason I have not set up a proper render with it.
As soon as I have made the corrections I set up a picture.
R2 head is also missing details; this is due to LeoCad, not allowing me to select the proper head peace.

(click on picture to see full size)

It’s all evil genius 180 fault

Recently Chris “Evil Genius 180” Martin started to post work of Lego made in a program called LeoCad. He done some great stuff and started on a huge project doing the Death Star Trench scene from SW:IV ANH.
Seeing the results that he was getting from this, I like a few others from started to play around with the program.

LeoCad is a fun little program that has most of the bricks that Lego have produced over the years. It very simple to use and you can save your models into a .3ds format, which is then can be transferred over to a 3d application like MAX, Lightwave, Blender, etc.

After getting a feel for the program, I though I would try and build the first Star Wars Lego Kit I got back when SW: III ROS came out. This is Lego set 7251.
I then export the model over to blender and clean it up a bit. Reason for this, is that the model come over in tir’s and Blender prefers quads. As this model is small it did not take long to make the corrections and did a render and it looked great.

I then decide to do the scene when Anikin makes his final transformation into Darth Vader. I model a few simple computer consoles, lights and the Emperor.
LeoCad dose not have the Anikin head so I used one that has scars on it. It also does not have the Emperors head, so for that I used the Mummy head, but at this angle you would not be able to tell.

I then modelled a simple room in room in blender and set everything up and composted it and render out in Blender.

I just need to finish off the Naboo Fighter and another fighter from the Clone Wars. So Expect to see Pictures of them soon.

Lady in Red

John Eaves has been posting pin-up photos on his blog for some time now.
I have always enjoyed them and the Red Dress series And i thought some of them would work as a pin-up, like those found on fighter and bomber planes during the Second World War.

When John started with the Red Dress series, I knew it would look great if i were to have a pin up on a Trek ship.
I have been looking for a project that this could be done with and after finally deciding to build one I knew I had to put a pin up on it, However, a full starship would be too big and you would not see the pin-up, that meant it would have to go on a shuttle.

I started to look through John’s collection and found a great picture of Meagan Moorman. Here is the original picture.

I took the picture into Photoshop and removed the background.
I then started to play with the different filter, as I was going for a painted look.
My hand drawing skills are not up to the task. Anyway after playing around I still was not getting the look I wanted.
By accident I came across a look that was used for the film A Scanner Darkly, based on the novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick. I liked the look so decided to keep it.
I then added the Starfleet Emblem to the background but I am not sure if it works, so I removed it. I then just added the Miss Megan; I think this works a little better. But we will only know once I place it onto the shuttle.