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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had a great festive time off and Santa got you everything you wanted.

Well we are 3 days into the New Year and most of us would have already broken our New Year Resolution. I don’t normal make them for this very reason.
But this year I will make one. It a very simple one and that is simply to find more time at home to do more modelling in Blender. (Over the last few years it has been done travelling on trains or when I have moment free at work.)

I was hoping to do a little picture to celebrate the New Year like I did with the Christmas picture, but as always running after the kids and going to family member homes I did not have very much time. I did not even go into the forums I normal pop in. But it’s the 3rd which means the first day back at work and feeling like a need a brake from my brake. 😉

So it is now 2012, and it looks like it going to be a great year.
It looks like it going to be a really great year for films, so expect to see more film reviews from me.
2011 was a great year for gamers and 2012 looks to be even better with Halo 4 and Grand Theft Auto V due out this year, along with a load more great titles lined ups.
The Playstation Vita is due out in February but I am more likely to pick one up at the end of the year for my Birthday.
The WiiU is also due out this year. Not to sure on that, but I look forward to see what it can do.
Blender will keep improving, so lots to look forward to there. I do plan to make a few more pictures than I did last; I am also hoping to have few more animation up as well.
I am hoping to show case a few more artists on the site this year as well.

But the main things I am plan on doing in the next few months is finished off project that are half finished, this mean texture models that I have already built that need to be textured and getting them into animation or just do a simple picture.

I also plan on getting back into writing. (I started to novelise the screen play for Project: Ark, but dropped it after a few weeks.)
I also plan on getting more of Project: Ark done and start to learn how to do characters in Blender. (There are some great courses out there, but this will have to wait to the end of the year.)

For those of you interested in Stats, Freak Ark has had over 20,000 visits in 2011. Which is up by 98% from 2010. (Freak Ark started on WordPress in July 2010)
So I like to take this moment and thank everyone that visit over the last year and look forward to seeing you this.
Once again I make the promise to post at least once a week.


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