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Warp Speed.

Here is a quick Picture of the Type-11 shuttle travelling at Warp.
This picture is a Freak Ark Exclucive.
Everything was done in done in Blender.
sig and date was added in Photoshop.


On Guard

Here is a picture of a group of Vulture Droids on Guard.
They are sitting on top of a Trade Federation Command Ship, with a wing on Patrol.
Once again the Vulture Droids was modelled in LeoCad and textured in Blender.
Only part of the Trade Federation Command ship was modelled and textured in Blender.

Returning Home

I have been having some issue with the composting on the asteroid picture that I have been working on with the Type -11 shuttle.

So to take a break from figuring out what causing the issue I thought I would do another picture with my Akria Class in the background. The Akria Class is still a work in Progress.

It a simple picture but I like the way in turned out.

I will be getting back to the Akira very soon.

Type 11 Shuttle Part 6. Textuers finished

It’s been a few weeks since I last worked on this, but I have gone back to it and figured out what was causing my issue with the additional textures.
With that done I was able to finish up the texture work and take the model into Blender compositor. I have added glows to the lights and the warp nacelles.
She needs some weather done to her, but I can deal with that at a later date.
For the time being I will leave as straight out of factory clean.
I think she needs a read light under her, which won’t take long to do.

Anyway here are a few shoots of her in different angles.
I will be putting together new picture to add the asteroid collection I did at the begging of last year.
you can see that in the Gallary Page of this blog.

Dark Resurrection vol. 0

I came across this while looking at Conceptship.
It is 41 minute Italian Star Wars homage with amazing attention to detail from acting to wardrobe to visual effects, it rivals a lot of Hollywood sci-fi production concepts.
From a dedicated group of individuals for sure.

The film is in Italain, but if you are like me and only speak English, then you are in luck as you can watch this with English or 15 other languages subtitle.

Lego Star Wars, Vulture Droids Part 2.

Here is a beauty shot of the Vulture Droid.
Modelled in LeoCad and cleaned up and textured in Blender.
I am also working on one with the Vulture Droid standing. I had hoped to have it finished yesterday, but WR stuff had got in the way. I will have post it up as soon as it is ready.
In the mean time enjoy.