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Akira Class, Part 21. Clean up and Rebuilding: Main Ship Weapons.

With the weapons pod finished I have now moved onto the rest of the ship’s weapons.
Again there was issue with scale with the torpideo launchers. So I have gone in and remodelled these.
For the forward laucnhers I had two, but on the concept art there are four. So I have now corrected this to match.

On the offical ship there was no rear launcher. I had installed two on the secondary hull to fix the blind spot. With having corrected this issue with the remodelling of the weapons pods, there is no real reason to keep them there now. But I remodelled them to the correct scale. I might pull these out and put in a Tracter Beam emitter. But we will see.

As for the Phasers, there was nothing wrong with them. all I have done is corrected a few setting so they look better than they did before.


2 responses

  1. Looking great, Dean. I like your torpedo launchers much better than the ones on the movie ship.

    12/03/2012 at 16:40

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