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Second Prometheus Trailer

The second trailer to Ridely Scott’s Prometheus, has been realised.
It has been claimed that Prometheus is not a prequel to the Alien franchise, which Scott helped to kick off. But a film set in the same universe.
The new trailer gives more info on the story without giving away anything. This is something of a rare event these days. (Check out my rant on the subject here )
The trailer also gives a lot of nods to Alien with the music of the tailers, the Space Jockey and the Space Jockey ship and a few other things. I won’t spoil it for you so here is the trailer.

If there is to be a sequel to Prometheus, Ridely Scott’s has stated at WonderCon, that it will go even farther away from the Alien franchise while still being part of it.

One thing is for sure I am sure looking forward to seeing this film.


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